no longer allowed to take anti inflammatory drugs

I have lived with knee arthritis now for over 12 years, most of the time I can scream and shout with the pain, but use anti inflammatorys and try my best, bed for days and then it eases off, now being told no more anti inflammatorys I am trying to get help to control what can be an awful time for me, GP has prescribed co codamol which were ok but not as effective, life is bed for days and lots of pain, then it eases and I can walk again, what help can I get, where do I go from here, its been years of upset, and lots of sleepless nights


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    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. Sorry to hear that your medication options have reduced - that's really difficult.

    I'm not sure whether your arthritis may be osteoarthritis or another kind.

    There are two approaches which are key things which are relevant to all types of arthritis regardless of diagnosis and they are keeping moving and healthy eating.

    Controlling weight through healthy eating can reduce pressure on joints and works like a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce inflammatory levels (which unchecked speed up the progress of arthritis).

    Eating well with arthritis | healthy eating for people with arthritis (

    Keeping moving is proven to help both pain and function, and an organisation which Versus Arthritis helped to get started - Escape-pain - Self management for Arthritic pain using exercise might be interesting.

    Below I'm attaching some of our information about gentle exercise:

    What type of exercise should I do?

    If you'd prefer some different information, or would like to tell us what's happening and have some support, do ring us on 08005200520 9am - 6pm Mon-Fri.

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