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Just joined today. Hoping to avail of what looks like some fabulous advice and support from fellow arthritis peeps.




  • Ellen
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    Hello @Irene2016

    A warm welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community. You are quite right it is full of fabulous advice and support which is second to none🙂

    If you feel comfortable please do tell us a little more about yourself - maybe which type of Arthritis you have or how it affects you. You may have had your condition for a very long time and be quite 'expert' yourself or be fairly new to it. I am attaching this link, but apologies if there is nothing new in it for you:

    Have a browse about and join in wherever you fancy; most of the category titles are pretty self explanatory, but my recommendation is to take a look at the let's move page. Many of our members find this section very useful and you are joining at just the right time to join in our new 'stretching videos'. Nice gentle movements to help us with our conditions:

    Best wishes and I look forward to seeing you post more in future.