Hi All, i am 57 and all i know is manual labour, please excuse the spelling & grammar.

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After reading peoples post i now know and understand i am not alone with my symptoms.

yesterday i had the 2nd video work capability assessment in as many years. i was so self consumed in my depression with all the stress of the appointment it became the main focus and i failed to explain its the pain that brings on the depression and how some days it feels like every bone in my body is aching and painful with the osteoarthritis. i did manage to tell him over and over that some days i feel like a fraud and i should get off my lazy bum and get to work,

The reason i said that was some days are like a normal life with just the odd stabbing pain and a dull back and knee ach so i then feel like a fraud, but After reading peoples post i would just like to say thank you all so much for helping me understand i am not alone with my symptoms and every hour, day, week or month can be different from the last and that depression is just another symptom.


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    You are totally NOT alone @saintgeorge2

    I'm so glad you have found us and will let us support you through whatever happens for you work-wise.

    I just replied to a post by @Buncrana (sp) and suggested she get her GP to refer her to the local pain clinic. They are the experts in pain and really where I would want to go now in your shoes.

    Do keep posting and keep reading.

    Sending some ((()))

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    Hi @saintgeorge2 - welcome to the online community!

    I see you have got Osteoarthritis and as a result you've been referred to work capability assessments. Because you are also depressed you feel like you did not give a full accounting of your pain during your assessment. You also have a lot of pain and while you do sometimes have good days with less pain other days are worse.

    You are absolutely right in saying that you are not alone! I myself have both Osteoarthritis and depression, so I have an inkling as to what you may be feeling. If you are worrying about your assessment most places (including most DWP related ones) will accept some form of additional evidence. So you can write up what you felt you missed out and send it to the relevant place as a supporting document, in it saying that you were overcome by your depression symptoms at the time and missed out others. This should be fine and may well help put any worries you have to rest.

    With depression it is especially important for you to look after your whole self, and to try to recognise when something does go well. There are many things you can try to help, I've found the best advice is to keep an open mind and try everything (one at a time, and gently) to see what works for you. I'd most definitely make sure you have told your GP that you have depression as well and get a referral to your local mental health team - they offer some very useful help and can even offer you CBT or counselling on the NHS. We have some other information on emotional health here:

    A note I learnt myself - sleeping well can really help with depression. If your sleep isn't good due to pain or any other reason, this can exacerbate your depression (and any pain you have) so concentrating on getting your sleep right first is often a good idea. If your pain keeps you up, finding the right stretching exercise can help reduce it, and making sure you take painkillers about half an hour before bedtime. If necessary, a mattress topper may help if there are no comfortable positions you can get into.

    I feel like I'm going to hit the "this post is too long" limit soon, so I'll stop. We have some more information on ways to help below, have a look if they seem interesting or helpful!

    Do have a look around the community and please join in or start any discussions you are interested in. We are here to support you and to help you find others in similar situations.

    It's lovely to meet you!


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    Hi SaintGeorge - I just read your post and it made me think of the recent news article I read. It might be interesting:

    Welcome 😊

    If in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout

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    Hi @saintgeorge2 ,

    No you are definitely not alone trying to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced arthritis is like hitting your head against a brick wall and yes like you I felt a fraud and still do in fact I say the same thing to myself that I should get off my bottom and go to work but then I think hang on what about me yup be selfish and think what about me I’m in pain and at times unbearable I’m 62 and worked since I was 15 well 9 as mum had hotels so we were paid to clean rooms I think some people don’t think their body will as they say get wear and tear but it will come as we age some have it early

    all you need to concentrate on is getting yourself to a point where you can manage your pain it’s taken some a long time ask for a referral to the pain clinic through your gp I’ve taken ill health retirement as I got to the point of it badly affecting my mental health I’m already depressed I don’t need further stress and went through several assessments and return to work but realised if I can get myself right I can get back to work so I said time out

    Your never alone here just keep posting and talking there’s some amazing people and they will help stay strong sending a gentle hug 💪🤗

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    Hi SaintGeorge,

    Two years ago I struggled to get through the day without painkillers and was in so much pain when I got home from my desk job that I would often take strong painkillers and go to bed. I work 3 days a week now, so if I don’t sleep well I can catch up another day. I go to ballet, tap and stretch classes each week. The classes improve my flexibility, strength, balance and posture. Often I am so busy listening to the music, trying to keep time and do the right steps there is no room left in my brain to remind me of my pain.Also it helps to make me tired and I sleep better. If you can find an activity that helps to distract you and makes you tired it may help. It’s got to be something you enjoy , that pushes you a little but not too much. I tried aerobics and spent the next day in bed with painkillers so crossed that off the list. Cycling is ok as long as I don’t stop as my back seizes up and I can manage about 45 minutes and be ok afterwards. I had to look at what I could do and not worry about what I can’t. Sleep when I can, read if I can’t and hopefully catch some sleep the next day. I have days when I feel down but I’m doing better than I was. My physio said the more I do in the day the better I will sleep and he was right. I need co-codamol and nortriptyline to be able to sleep and sometimes naproxen and heat pads as well. This works for me -usually!

    I hope you find a way to improve things. It may take a while and some trial and error before you find what is right for you. I’m not keen on swimming but I’m thinking it may be something I should try as it should make me tired and be ok on my joints.

    Keep pushing for the help you . Talk to friends and family. Things can improve

    Take care


  • saintgeorge2

    Thank you for your input Debbie.

    i have often thought going swimming and i know it would do me good and it was something i enjoyed when i was younger, I am my own worst enemy caused by my mental health and avoid going to new places and meeting new people. to put it one way is my getup and go got up and left :-).

    i understand what you are saying and will try to make positive strides as you have and hope you continue manage to heath for many years to come.

    PS i friend just phoned to say he is going shopping so i am going to make the effort and tag along and get my joints moving.

    thanks again.


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    I just wanted to say that I am new here too, and please never apologise for spelling and grammar (which was fine by the way). What matters is that we're all going through the same thing and understand. There will always be someone here for you. My dad was a sheet metal worker for IMI all his life and he developed arthritis.

    Is there any way you can send your message to the assessment people. It explains things perfectly.

    Lots of love,