Waiting for my knees to let me down


Hi everyone do you ever feel that you are doing really well but in the back of your mind you're just waiting for something to happen like your knees letting you down I know it's silly but sometimes I just feel that I'm waiting for the worst I am doing well at the moment keeping up with my diet and exercise for my knees but I get this nagging doubt in my head but it's all gonna go wrong has anyone else felt like this I tried to be positive and smile but I cannot stop the thoughts


  • Chrisd
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    Hi Blueskyday68

    I have exactly the same thoughts, after 2.5 years I finally got put on a biological which has worked wonders and has meant I can do things like running again after not doing it for that whole period which was my passion. While I still get pains it is miles better but like you I do think to myself at what point will it stop working and ill be back to square one. I find it really helpful to read other peoples experiences and while yes some have gone backwards a lot of people have been in a good place for 20+ years so I try to focus on that. Of course we will always have nagging doubts and I think that just comes with the territory of our conditions but remember your not alone and your strong and determined enough to watch your diet and do exercise which in itself is a great thing. Accept the negative thoughts will come and go and have positive ones to balance it out. Give someone close to you a big hug and smile at them, it will make both of you feel much better! 😀

  • Blueskyday68

    Thank you so much for your comment it really helped me ME8 take care and keep well