Hello everyone, I'm looking for advice

Hello everyone.

I suddenly developed arthritis in multiple places a year or so ago, just as the lockdown started.

Ballet was my passion and I'm devastated I can no longer do it. I'm also a university teacher and finding it very difficult to do my job properly.

In desperation I spent all my savings on Lipogems treatment from the Regenerative Clinic in London today and now I'm in agony and cannot even get up from this chair. I have no close family, partner or friends and I'm older (though told I don't look it).

How on Earth do you cope? I can't even get to the toilet. Has anyone else had Lipogems?

Very best wishes,



  • Tom
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    Hello @Cathryn and welcome to the Community.

    I see that you developed arthritis some 12 month ago, though you not specify the type. Have you received a formal diagnosis, or any advice from your GP or a rheumatologist? The emotional impact of your situation is discussed in this information from our website:

    I have been unable to find any information from our usual sources on Lipogem treatment, but you may get comment from the Community. In the meantime, I strongly suggest that, if you have not already done so,  you seek medical. There are many treatments in conventional medicine that do work.

    Do keep posting and let us know how you get on.


  • YvonneH
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    Hi @Cathryn

    I have just done some research on the procedure you had - Lipogems. Unfortunately they rely on the reviews left by patients to show their success, Trials have not supported this as yet.

    Can you give us a bit more information regarding your arthritis, is it autoimmune or osteoarthritis? what treatment are you taking at the moment? What are your most urgent needs, I'm going to give a link to the pain information from our website As I can see pain is an issue for you

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Mike1
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    Whilst I understand anyone trying anything to negate the pain of arthritis BUT in this case Lipogems treatment (injection of your own fat cells into joints) has not been approved by the NHS or other UK medical agency and is currently undergoing assessment and will take years more research. This is not something I would have considered even if I had the money. The NHS is offering a similar treatment called Spherox to eligible patients with cartilage defects of up to 10cm2 in size. . I hope that you seek medical advice and get better soon.

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