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Hi all,

Osteoarthritis in both hips severe, post op FLHR 12 weeks in.

Looking for a new office chair, I've read a lot about the saddle chairs - has anyone used one of these? Or advice on any other types would be welcome.

Thanks xxx


  • stickywicket
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    I think we're all so different we just have to try things for ourselves which is probably why you've had no replies. After both my THRS I just went back to my usual computer chair. I've never even heard of a saddle chair but, in my riding days, I needed a narrow horse because of my hips.

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    Hi @LittleMissLoopy Sorry I don't know about saddle chairs but for some years I used a rocking, kneeling chair similar to [xxx] I found it helped a lot with lower back pain because of improved posture, taking some weight through the knees and the rocking motion kept my back moving a little and from locking in a set position. This was before my hip osteoarthritis started to cause me real problems and before my recent hip replacement op. I'm not whether it would help you but I thought I'd mention it as another alternative worth considering. As @stickywicket said, we're all different and with seating I think it's important to try before buying. If you can find a good supplier you might be able to borrow a chair for a day or two.

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