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Ive had arthritis in my knees for over six years.

Im overweight and sad. Struggling with everything mental health and physical. I want the pain to stop. I can’t have an op. The pain meds take my life away. But also a bit of the pain. Is it worth it, pain free to sleep without being woken up because I left my leg straight and then tried to bend it. Where are the doctors? Where are they?

this is probably too heavy for a first intro but I’m being real. Does anyone feel the same the fact that this community is amazing I can’t tell people about my pain you can’t see it, I look ok except I can’t walk! Why is she just lazy? At last people to talk to who understand.

sorry if I’ve gone on a bit im just grateful you exist.


  • Hi @Ddoyle

    Welcome! It's great to hear from you! This isn't a heavy introduction at all, just realistic. It's all a part of your journey and we understand. Most of us have been there or still are! Just know that there is always someone here who is ready and willing to listen.

    You said that you have arthritis in your knees- this is really tough going and can affect you in so many ways. Having dealt with it for such a long time, you may have tried every trick in the book, but this may be of interest to you:

    I know that sleeping is a real tough spot when you're trying to manage pain- it can be a real vicious circle of feeling run down because you can't get enough sleep, not sleeping because of pain, but then feeling like you can't manage the pain because of the lack of rest. Here are some tips to getting a 'good' or better sleep. They might be of some use to you, or just help you to consider a few things that you might have forgotten about previously:

    Sometimes it helps just to keep talking- which of course we are all here for!

    Take care and keep talking to us!


  • Ddoyle
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    Thank you Sarah.

    finding this site is amazing and I’m really hoping maybe for the tips in the links you’ve mentioned as well as from people who’ve been through it

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    Good Morning @Ddoyle

    You haven't 'gone on' or been too heavy for a first post at all!

    Bless you it's awful hard having and invisible condition isn't it? Really tough, but here is good no-one to judge you and you can help other people too which I really value.

    When this first kicked off for me I felt I had much less to offer the world, but coming here to this little community and talking to others in pain means I am giving something back 🙂

    Have you tried a pillow for your knee(s)? some of us find it helps between the knees if sideways sleeping and some underneath when sleeping on their backs.

    Not much worse than not getting enough quality sleep is there?

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    You've not 'gone on' at all. And, far from being 'sad' (in the modern sense, anyway) I think you'very brave and honest to come on here without papering over the cracks.

    Here are some suggestions:

    Exercises. I know. Many hate them but I've had arthritis for 60 years and had several joints replaced but, without exercises, I wouldn't still be able to walk at all. Ask to see a physio and also check out our exercise forum

    Don't dwell on pain. I know it can be really hard not to but the more we can distract ourselves from it the less we feel it.

    Try not to dwell on negatives at all. Where are the doctors? They're mowed under with work and are limited in what they can do for us anyway. Find positives. Find a new hobby or rediscover an old one. Talk to friends, live, on the phone or via the Internet. Don't be alone with this.

    Having said that I can't promise to be back as I find myself very busy with lots of things these days not least because my 'energy time' is limited but just join in anywhere on the Living With Arthritis forum. People are very friendly on here. And good luck!

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    Hello @Ddoyle ,

    I've just read your post and it relates so much to me and I’m so glad you said it.

    I’ve got arthritis in my hip and waiting in a long list for a replacement. I also have Fibromyalgia and back problems for 17 years. I am still trying different drugs etc, but using this site bucks me up, provides me with exercises and wonderful articles. Most of all it’s the people here that provide so much help and advice and it’s just good to know you’re all there.

    Keep writing and say all those things you really feel, no one will judge you. We’ll all here for the same things.

    Sending a big hug to you,

    Love Ann 🤗