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Hello anyone out there. Just new here today after whats been a rollercoaster of 3/4 months.

Around a year ago I developed sores on my legs, I recognised this as psoriasis as my dad and sister had/have it. It didnt trouble me much. Around 4 months ago I though I had broken a toe on my left foot but I could not recall injuring it. Shortly after I developed a pain in my right knee that was incredibly sore. After struggling thru my job as a childrens support worker combined with being a youth football team Coach I broke down one night physically and emotianally. I couldnt cope. I made my way to A&E to have them look at my right knee, my Doc had previously prescribed painkillers over the phone as it was impossible to see him face to face in current climate. Embarrassed I said to the Staff in A&E that I was now covered in small red sores, my knee was sore and I think ive a broken toe. At that point i never knew it was all linked. Hours lates a doctor asked me if i knew what psoratiac arthritis was? I had no idea. The sores were scales, the broken toe was infact 'sausage toes/fingers' and the pain in my knee could be arthritis. In my complete ignorance I said Im only 51. In the months since then Ive developed burning sensation in sole of left foot my toe is still sore, both knees complete agony, index fingers and thumbs rigid most of the time and pain in my shoulder blades. Struggke to the toilet every morning but after an hour or so i can move around but never without incredible pain. Different Docs prescribe different painkillers. Yesterday I saw a rheumatologist who was first class with me, he explained everything in detail. I even got steroid injection in my backside. The pain has eased a little. My whole life has changed in 4 months, simple tasks are on most days difficult to complete, all the things I did with ease I struggle with now.

Not sure why Im writing this, I guess Im kinda happy Ive found somewhere who understands what Im going tbrough physically and emotianally. My family and my job are the most important things in my life, luckily i support young kids in respite care mostly nightshifts so theres not much distance to cover, the dayshifts can be harder but i dont do many a month.

Anyway thanks for listening.

This is extremely difficult to cope with.


  • Ellen
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    Good afternoon @Caammy

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community. You have absolutely come to the right place to talk to people who understand what you are going through.

    Your Dad and sister have Psoriasis, but you are the one unlucky enough to get the Arthritis bit too. You have done very well to get diagnosed in 4 months particularly during this pandemic and the A&E staff were really good to recognise what was really happening for you.

    I am very pleased that you now have seen a Rheumatologist and hope that he/she will now get you onto some medication to control the disease.

    I wonder how much you know about Psoriatic Arthritis I am attaching some information and apologise if you already know all this:

    This new member@Bordergirl joined only yesterday:

    You may be able to support one another.

    Best wishes


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    It's all scary and bewildering at first but it will get better route. Painkillers are a ,msnomer. They don't. We just have to find a level of bearable. Hopefully, you will soon be on Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDS) and things will start to improve. Until then, hang on in there.

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    Hi @Caammy

    Nice to meet you. You have definitely come to the right place. When you first get diagnosed information and support is what you need. Well it's what I needed anyway.

    I am so glad you were diagnosed so quickly - Ellen is quite right usually the process is much longer, but I expect the presence of the psoriasis helped with that.

    What medication have they started you on? The jabs in the rear do help don't they even if it is a bit embarrassing 😳

    Anyway come along in now you've said hello and join us we are a very friendly community.

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    Just to add more to this, the steriod injection I got in my backside didnt really make much of a difference. The Rheumatology Physiotherapist did promise to call me back yesterday to see how I was doing. True to his word he did and I explained I was no better. He asked me to attend his clinic earlier today where he took 5 syringes of fluid out my right knee and also put in a steroid. I have to go see him again next week to start on new medication.

  • frogmorton
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    Good luck @Caammy

    I really hope your knee aspiration and steroid injection help you a lot ((()))

    What meds is he starting you on?

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