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I am looking for some tips and advice. I had been having pain in my knee and hip for a while as well as other joints especially my hands. I had a telephone consultation with a student doctor who was really nice over the summer having decided I needed some advice around pain killers as my joints were quite stiff and painful, hands,wrists, shoulder, knees and right hip and the GP then gave his diagnosis as probably arthritis and there was nothing they can do except x ray the most painful joint, which was the hip at the time lol however a few months went on and my knee swelled up which was so painful I sent a photo over for the doctor to actually see the knee in its inflamed state and another telephone consultation resulted in pain killers and an X-ray. The knee went down after several weeks and the x ray showed early signs of osteo arthritis but that was just me asking the receptionist what the result was and again it is wear and tear nothing can be done but no-one seems to offer advice about managing this.

Yesterday I had some pain in the base of my thumb but I have been awake since 4am with pain in the whole of my hand and wrist. I also get pain in the right shoulder, with pins and needles down my arm into my hand. It seems to move around in different joints, not related to activity necessarily

Is it safe to just take paracetamol every day if my joints ache ? I am trying to be active and exercise but when you have disturbed sleep it gets hard, I am also in the peri menopausal years which kind of compound things as well. It is hard to work out what relates to that and what related to actual arthritis. Any advice would be very welcome. 🥰


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    Welcome @Benno53 to the online community,

    So glad you have found us it is a great place for tips and advice. The community is a safe place to share experiences and give and receive support from people whose lives in some way are affected by arthritis.

    I see that you have had joint pain for a while now and whilst you have had telephone consultations you feel you have not been given advice on how to manage your condition. I attach some links which will provide you with some information and a personal story which shows that you are not alone

    There are loads of discussions and tips on how to cope with life with arthritis so do take time to browse round the forums. Don't hesitate to get in touch again with more questions, and call the helpline if you want to talk with someone 0800 5200 520 Monday - Friday 9.00 - 6.00.

    Take Care


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

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    Hi @Benno53

    Looks like @Poppyjane has given you some really useful information about menopause and arthritis. I know that when I went through my menopause a few years ago my RA certainly did flare up. From the sort of pain you’re experiencing, I wonder if it’s worth asking your GP if you can be tested for Rheumatoid arthritis? The treatment would be very different from paracetamol. Also, have you tried taking some over the counter anti-inflammatories? Sometimes they can help if your joints are swollen like your knee joint was.

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    Thanks for your replies I really appreciate them. I have got some anti inflammatories now prepared for another time lol. I did have a consult with the nurse following a blood test. She was more concerned about cholesterol levels which were slightly up but down from two years ago. Didn't seem concerned about any of the other results so I assume they were fine. When I said I couldn't really exercise for quite a few weeks when the knee was swollen and sleep or lack of due to hot flashes etc meant motivation was a bit lacking lol she just gave information on healthy eating, which I know already. I will keep going with the exercise and diet etc and I will read the info as well. Thank you xx. To have more specific information is great and I don't want to keep bothering the docs unless it is absolutely necessary x

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    I wonder if tackling the peri-menopausal symptoms would help with the other symptoms? HRT isn’t for everyone but can help with a wide range of issues.

    I believe you can take paracetamol indefinitely so long as you don’t exceed the daily dosage, whether it will have any effect if regularly used, is a different question!