Hello, diagnosed with Giant cell arteritis

Hi ,abut early in the morning, but don’t sleep for long !! I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteries in my head back in August, been on steroids and will be for 2 years , dosage started off at 40 mils for 2 months and now to 20 mil and down again in December to 15 and it slowly decreases. I don’t know of anyone else who has this condition. I just like to know the limits of my activities, couldn’t do too much for last 4 months, tired, short of breath light headed and struggle with speech. With steroids I have gained weight and not with moving much even so . So I decided to pull myself together and start what I was doing pre diagnosis. So started my open water swimming on Saturday and am out walking again with a buddy as of today!! Sorry for this lengthy hello but didn’t know how to get started


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