Scared to walk

Hi everybody I know walking is good for knee osteoarthritis I tried to walk everyday but I am always scared that my knees will give way I do have knee braces but I have been told that wearing them all the time it's bad for the muscles in your legs I do strengthening exercises everyday do they help I don't want to keep feeling like this I want to be able to live some sort of life but this fear gets to me everyday all I read about is the paina and not being able to walk


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    Hi Blueskyday68

    Sorry to hear your in so much pain I have both of my knees replaced and waiting for my 3rd replacement on my left knee I have metal knee braces to but to be honest they make my pain worse. I find walking the swimming pool really helps I wear 2 swimsuits to hold my body down more in the water to strengthen my legs & core really helps walk pool 4 x a week I also do exercises everyday they certainly do help My dad has just had a stroke & home from hospital last week but bedridden now his balance & walking is terrible I did some exercises for his legs with him which I do was doing them for a while but doesn’t want to now I said to my mum watch in 2 days your see a difference & he has got really really bad but if someone doesn’t want to do it u can’t make them my exercise regime 2 me is a daily must as I have muscle wastage diesease in my legs spinal stenosis fibromyalgia & osteoarthritis hip replacement & both knees it’s so hard living in pain daily I know I have got wheelchair as back up & yes I read that to a lot about not being able to walk and also years ago before I knew I had muscle wastage in knees I couldn’t get down a hill legs were so weak but exercising on step machine & gym equipment at my gym has made a massive difference and the only way I will be going in that wheelchair is if my prolapsed disc slides down anymore & paralyses me Until my surgery I will not let this beat me

    I’m 52 this year but I’m doing ok the daily exercise is keeping my electric shock spasms from my butt shooting down my legs & creating like I’m walking on needles in my heels feeling ifI stop doing them the electric shocks are straight back next day & makes me fall

    I also found when my knee was bone to bone putting any hot rub creams on it made it worse I found ice was best or ice sprays or freeze gel sending u big hugs 🤗 💕

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    You need to get some walking aids @Blueskyday68 you really do because not walking will make things worse and surely run the risk of other health problems like DVTs

    If you haven't got them already you can either buy them or get the via a physiotherapist which is obviously best as they must be the right height.

    I walk every day i possibly can even if not very far and use walking pole for my 'official walks'.

    Take care

  • Thank you for all the advice I do have a walking frame with wheels and a stick also a wheelchair it's just the anxiety I feel when I walk in my head feel my knees are going to give way I knowexercises help I just wish I could let go of the anxiety and just get on with life I'm wondering if I should see a doctor

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    Hello @Blueskyday68 ,

    I can understand your anxiety in walking, especially if your knees have given way before or you feel like they're going to do so. You are doing really well to keep trying though, and using all the aids you need to help you.

    Exercising the knee is good too, and will help you feel more confident. Have you had a look at the Versus Arthritis exercises? They are really gentle but can be very effective:

    Well done for not giving up and do let us know how you're getting on.

    Anna (Mod)

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    I have issues as I know when my knee pops out I will be in utter agony and unable to weight bear for an hour or more. I have had to accept that maybe I will fall and end up on floor but it won't be the end of world. If I fall I have a stick and a mobile phone to call for a taxi to get me back home. It might be a bit embaressing but its not life threatening and at least it means I get to go out. The alternative is watch fitness decline even further and never do anything.

    have a think..what is the worst that can happen? if you end up on floor is it really that bad?