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Not very confident sharing things but getting so sad with it all. that was so hard to say....

I have osteoarthritis in hand/thumb, lumpy painful finger joints, (surgeon wants to inject into thumb joint) is there alternative?...... also not sure about all the pain in my tendons around my body.

GP tells me I have fybromyalgia, who sent me on a 6 week course... I came bottom of the class? as I didnt fit into the course providers parameters for fybromyalgia? but GP is adamant? this was all pre-Covid. I am now in so much joint pain, especially today.... but I am labelled Fybro?

Thank you 🙂


  • Ellen
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    Hello @catts

    Well done for posting I hope you will find it reassuring that many of us here also feel sad with our pain and conditions.

    From your post I understand you have Osteoarthritis in you hand/thumb and also pain in your tendons around your body.

    Your GP says this is Fibromyalgia, but you sound unsure as you didn't seem to have the right symptoms when you went on a 6 week course for that condition. Well done for trying it though.

    First of all please do read this:

    and do consider calling our helpline if you think it would help to talk to a person who understands.


    As for your thumb joint and the proposed steroid injection. A lot of people here have tried them with good results in fact my own neighbour had his done recently and is very pleased to be virtually pain free. It doesn't work for everyone of course and this might be worth a read specifically the part entitled 'Managing Osteoarthritis of the hand and wrist':

    I am sure you will get a great deal of support from our members.

    Very best wishes


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    Hi @catts

    You are having a tough time I am so sorry😕

    Are you thinking the fibro was a misdiagnosis or an excuse for fobbing you off?

    Thing is fibro is very real and a fair few of us on here start with Arthritis and then end up with fibro as well.

    Have you thought about seeing a different Dr and asking about the diagnosis telling them you don't think you meet the criteria??? I have always suggested taking someone with you when you see the Dr, but with COVID it's a miracle to see them in real life anyway at the moment.

    Ellen is right about ringing the helplines I have done and they were just so kind and understanding. I just cried for the first 5 minutes or so and they patiently waited for me to be able to talk 😳 It felt wonderful to talk to someone who I felt was 'on my side' if you know what I mean.

    and you know that's the other thing about this forum - we are all on each other's side. Wwe understand and don't judge so please do decide to hang about it will help ((()))

  • catts
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    Thank you Ellen and Toni for replying.

    I know fybro is a terrible condition and affects people in different ways, but I dont really think I have it.

    I have just had surgery and the surgeon, kept telling me how difficult the pain will be and there will a good chance of

    ending up in ICU afterwards due to my doctors telling him I had fybro. he was so surprised when he discharged me 4 hours after the surgery with no pain or issues, saying maybe I have been wrongly diagnosed with fybro.

    Doctors aren't listening at the moment and I have no one to go with me.

    I am just trying to find some release from the pain, mind just talking about it does help and I dont feel so alone.

    Thank you again .. x😃

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    I'm so glad you don't feel so alone @catts

    Have a good look around the forum and join in or just read other people's tips for how they cope with the pain.

    You are absolutely not alone now ((()))