Methotrexate and flu symptoms

Hi, I have a question.

I have to take 20mg of methotrexate once a week now over the last few days I'm starting to have cold/flu symptoms and no it's not covid.

My question is can I take anything for cold/flu that wouldn't counter react taken methotrexate.

Many thanks



  • Rina
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    Hi @Coombs ,

    Methotrexate can interact with several other drugs including NSAIDs ( which are sometimes contained in cold remedies) so it’s best if you speak to your GP or pharmacist before taking anything. Here’s some info on the Versus Arthritis website about methotrexate and if you scroll down to ‘Taking other medicines’ you’ll see that they suggest this too.


  • frogmorton
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    I find my chemist knows what i can and can't take @Coombs Colin because he has a list of my medications an dis much easier to speak to than my GP.

    Best of luck sorry you feel rough ((()))

  • Hi @Coombs

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum. I’m sorry you are feeling unwell with cold / flu-like symptoms.

    Rina and frogmorton have provided sound advice and I hope you have found the link Rina provided helpful. We would agree that you should seek advice from a healthcare professional about how best to treat your cold / flu-like symptoms when you're taking methotrexate.

    You are very welcome to call us on our freephone helpline: 0800 5200 520 so you can talk things through with one of our helpline team. 

    I hope this is helpful and that you feel better soon.

    Best wishes


  • Coombs
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    @Rina @froggie thank you both very much for your advice