16 years with PSA

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I just wanted to say hello everyone and say, you will hit your lowest points and feel you have no support but you have to stay strong and fight though. I'm currently not able to walk without crutches but I'm working on it

I got diagnosed at 22 and they thought I had Adult Onsets Still Disease and eventually after a year it was confirmed I have PSA

It all started in my ankles and let me tell you it's not been an easy journey, been through all sorts of meds and they have told me I'm running out of meds as my body keeps adjusting.

Was feeling down and depressed lately as had no one to turn to and found this site. People keep saying go out, exercise, do this and do that.... which is harder when you are completely disabled. My CRP hit 203 other day

I have just had 2 total knee replacement as my legs would not go straight and I'm finally on the mend!! I'm here because I feel I can share my experiences and see if there is any advise that will help me too 🙂


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    Hi @Chrismo - welcome to the online community!

    I see you've had Psoriatic Arthritis for over a decade and had related ups and downs. You're here as you've been feeling depressed recently and found our community, where you hope to be able to share experiences and advice with others who understand. You've also recently had two total knee replacements which has led to an improvement in your mobility - fantastic news!

    I'm really glad you found us - everyone needs to have people to talk to who can relate to our experiences and know what it feels like, and our members here are really supportive no matter what ability you have or how your day is going. I'm sure that since you've had the diagnosis for 16 years you already know all our information on PsA, but the information below may be of use to you:

    Do have a look around the community and please feel welcome to join in any discussion - we really love having new people join in as different viewpoints can really help.

    Lovely to meet you!