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There are lots of items on here about exercise however over the years 3 physios, a couple of GPs and a Consultant have told me not to exercise. As a result I thought that I would write down my daily exercise routine:

1.   Turn over in bed by grabbing headboard. Raise oneself by grabbing monkey bar. Put one heel over the edge of the bed and drag yourself across the bed whilst keeping hold of the monkey bar. Put feet in slippers, grab crutches and hobble to kitchen. Sit on perch stool and turn on kettle to make a brew. Hobble to lounge on crutches, turn on TV. Drink brew, have meds and rest for at least half an hour.

2.   Hobble to bathroom on crutches to perform ablutions. Make use of WC handrails, grab rails, perch stool and shower seat. 

3.   Get dressed using dressing stick, sock aid, whilst sitting on bed. Keep shirts buttoned up or wear T shirts if hands not capable of doing buttons. Get trousers two sizes too big so they can be pulled on and held up with braces instead of buttoned waist and belts.

4.   Make and brew and rest.

5.   During the rest of the day hobble to kitchen and make regular brews at least every hour. On a bad day make a flask.

6.    Evening meal preparation: take ready meal from fridge; remove lid; pierce film; place in microwave; take meds; sit on perch stool until microwave pings; remove film lid; place on T towel; hobble to lounge; eat!

7.   Mid evening: put on PJs reversing the getting dressed procedure to make getting into bed later less of a battle.

8.   An hour before bed have meds.

9.   At bed time climb into bed using monkey bar and trying not to disturb the cat too much.

10. Toss and turn all night due to pain, when enough is enough get up and repeat 1-9!



In the event of having to attend an appointment, book taxi and use wheelchair.

If going to village shop or Post Office use mobility scooter.


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    Well done, Mike, on your daily exercise regime. No slacking now😉

    I have discovered, over many years, that one of the benefits of arthritis is that the worse it is, the more opportunities for exercise we have.

    I never used to consider hanging out the washing as exercise but I do now. Ditto vaccing, making the bed, washing up. Cooking? Oh yes! The fetching exercise, the bending and stretching for ingredients exercise, the peeling and chopping exercise etc etc. Many necessitate the cursing exercise.

    My daily promenade with the rollator is a breeze by comparison.

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    Mike, that sounds utterly heroic. I'm in awe of your determination to get through the day, and night. I have no tips, I'm an utter lightweight by comparison, but I offer my admiration instead.

  • Mike1
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    Forgot about washing up! Sometimes I have a whole 2 plates to do, sat on the perch stool obviously 😊 Needless to say Vixen's bowl gets washed every time she has food which can be up to 4 times a day, I don't know where she puts it. 😺 Sue, the Home Help is for everything else as well as a weekly natter. 😁

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    I’m sure Vixen makes up for the extra work she creates.