hypermobile with knee arthritis -anyone had knee replacement?


I am due to see the consultant next month to discus my recent MRI of bad arthritic knee and see what can be done.

I have severe arthritis in my knee but am also hypermobile . 5 years ago he said he would not do a knee replacement as hypermobile people tend to get worse results but now it is a lot worse.

has anyone on here had a knee replacement who is hypermobile?

I have done lots of physio, watch weight, have had pain clinic advise and none of it is working- it has got worse and now I can only walk very short distances . My knee cap subluxates, my knee swells and I think I have another meniscus tear as it keeps very painfully locking. If I do not spend majority of every day with knee elevated I am in a LOT of pain. adding to this my hip now hurts like mad which I suspect is down to knee too.


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    I found this PubMed article which sounds promising. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29666082/ The key to success seems to be in having a 'constrained implant'. I have no idea what that is but I'd certainly want one if I had hypermobile knees.

    One thing I've learnt, over the years, is that it's worth waiting for the best surgeons if you pose any difficulties. I was actually referred by my local hospital to another because the other one dealt with more complex issues.

    In your situation I'd want to know how many TKRs the surgeon has done on hypermobile patients, what the outcomes were and did he use this constrained implant.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you- that is something I have been reading up on. apparently a constrained one gives less natural moves then a standard one but I would be happy with unnatural but less pain!

    The surgeon I am seeing is considered a top one but I know from what he said previously he has seen knee replacements on hypermobile go wrong. I think if I get no joy from appointment I will have to ask for second opinion.