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I've just been diagnosed with hip arthritis in early 50s.. pain all down right leg.. fortunately just at the 'irritating' stage..

I first got pain 2 1/2 years ago when I was training up to run a marathon, and the pain has never fully gone away! It is good to have a diagnosis, but it has left me in a quandry as to what exercise I could do now. I was really hoping to go back to running, and doctor on phone said I could. But I really don't want to cause any more long-term damage. I've also done Yin Yoga in the past - so wondering if that would be okay..

I've go an appointment with an orthopedic doctor at some point.. not yet scheduled.. but i'm kind of wondering what to do..


  • Hi @Albrey

    Welcome to the online community! It's good to see that you have a diagnosis and that you are in the 'loop with the appropriate professionals. I too am a keen runner and dancer but have struggled lately so had to take things a little easier. It's frustrating but sometimes it's just what you have to do. I understand your concerns of causing long term damage, so personally I would do what you feel comfortable with. Listen to your body!

    The following link has suggested strengthening and stretching exercises to help with hip pain, these could be a good place to start:

    We also have an exercise programme called 'Let's Move with Leon' which has been specifically designed with people with arthritis in mind. It has been highly recommended by those that have tried it. Of course you can do as much or as little as you need.

    I do hope that you manage to get back to some form of exercise soon!

    It's great to have you here, feel free to keep joining in around the online community wherever you wish!

    Take care, Sarah

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    Hiya Albrey

    I am 55 and have osteoarthritis in my lower spine and have a lot of hip pain.

    I spent the first year of pain avoiding exercise as I thought it would make my pain worse and I didn’t know what was causing the pain. I lost confidence and was scared of doing much in case I ended up in bed with pain the next day. My physio helped me gain the confidence to start exercising again.

    I got a diagnosis 18 months after the start of my pain and learned that doing virtually no exercise had probably made my pain worse and this was the case. I do ballet, tap and stretch class now. I also walk a lot and do some cycling. My pain has reduced to a level where I don’t usually need painkillers during the day, but I still need them at night to sleep. I tried running and aerobics but found this made my pain worse. I think it’s best to try different things to find out what exercise is manageable. Perhaps do short periods at first and slowly increase. Find something you enjoy. My physio said it was fine if I wanted to run but to be sensible and not to overdo it. Running wasn’t comfortable for me so instead I walk or cycle, but it may be ok for you.

    I hope you find something that you enjoy .

    Take care


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    Hi @Albrey I had the first signs of arthritis in my right hip around 9 years ago. It originally manifested as stiffness, especially after spending a long time in a car or similar. I found exercise helpful for managing it and was able to continue running until earlier this year, when I ended up fully bone on bone. I never felt running, or any other form of exercise, was making things worse, quite the opposite. During the final 18 months or so of this, I found running easier than walking, probably because heel striking was uncomfortable, and I don’t heel strike when running. Having to give up running earlier this year was the final straw that sent me to see the orthopaedic surgeon and led to me having my hip replaced on 7th September.

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    Thanks for the replies - really helpful, and encouraging to know that running isn't yet a definite no-no. I will probably take things easy on the exercise front until I get the appointment with the orthapedic doctor... mainly cross-training and yoga, with perhaps a couple short runs to see how it goes..

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