Have knee strengthening exercises help with your knee buckling and flare ups

Hi hi I'm just asking for experiences of knee buckling and whether exercise has helped with that and also flare-ups I have seen a physiotherapist and a GP and they did not explain whether my needs would buckle or not so I exercise everyday so far so good but am I exercising in vain because my knees will buckle anyway let me know your experiences failures or successes thank you very much


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    I can see you're really concerned about this.

    Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to prove that something won't happen as a result of something we do.

    We do know the huge importance of exercises, though. They make our muscles stronger and more supportive so our knees are much more able to hold up well. But, there are few guarantees with arthritis. Before I got TKRs I think mine might have given way once or twice but not significantly.

    I think, in such situations, we best asking ourselves what it? What's the worst that could happen? How would I deal with it?

    Sine moving here 5 years ago, I've been on our kitchen floor several times, not due to knees but mostly to walking into an overhanging cupboard and bouncing off it. Last time it wasn't that: just getting my legs (not knickers😉) in a twist when standing up from the table. Fortunately I've always had someone around to get me upright BUT, when alone, I carry a phone about at all times just in case.

    We can always have a Plan B. The alternative is to destroy our current peace of mind by worry over something that will probably never happen and, even if it does, not be too serious.

    Carry on with your excellent exercise regime and stop fretting.

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