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Good to be here and hello all.

I probably have the most mundane question…but here goes anyway. I am looking for any tips or tricks you may have for using a broom / mop. I have arthritis in both my hands and the simple job of “swiffing” around the kitchen floor is becoming a trial. Hope you managed to stay awake during that question and look forward to hearing your potential solutions. Jx


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    Hello and Good evening to you @Juliamagulia Welcome to the versus Arthritis Online Community.

    Your question is not mundane and I totally get it it hurts me a lot too. Personally I have got a wide (very wide) broom like they have very hot countries? like flat and wide and made of rush. It sweeps loads - the whole hall in one sweep. Mopping is the hardest thing too though.

    I tried to see if there was any recommended gadgets by Versus Arthritis. Although there was lots of useful stuff there none about mopping or sweeping!

    I rather have my eye on one of those bots which hoover the floor!

    Hopefully one of our members have some ideas.

    Best wishes


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    I sometimes use my feet.

    I spray liquid cleaner onto the floor then use a dampened old towel or floor cloth which I move around the floor as needed with my feet, applying extra pressure to the dirtiest spots. Most modern cleaning fluids don't need rinsing off so the floor can be dried by the same method with a clean dry towel/cloth.

    NB Start at the furthest point from the doorway and clean a small area of floor at a time to avoid slipping or becoming marooned until the whole floor is dry. If your kitchen is large and you choose to use a bucket of diluted cleaning fluid remember to slide it gently around with you. (Then leave it for someone else to lift and empty!!)

    Wear something like crocs in preference to slippers, which might get slightly wet.

    You will then work backwards towards the door so can escape to a comfortable chair until the whole floor is dry and sparkling clean!

    Wear something like plastic sandals in preference to slippers as your feet can get slightly wet!

    This can be done from a stool or wheelchair if you can't stay on your feet for long enough and can easily be turned into an exercise if accompanied by suitable music!

    Beware - any children who are around will be queuing up to have a go. Enjoy.....

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    I like that @stickywicket

    Made me ☺ especially the music bit. I would also love one of those bots which clean your floor for you or maybe a cleaner....sigh......

    @Juliamagulia seriously I find sweeping up and mopping very challenging too.

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    I let my Home Help do it! 😁

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    I fthe problem is the weight of the handle you might be able to get a more lightweight one. If the problem is grip there is lots of grippy stuff about, or things to make the handle thicker, on disability sites. I've been known to sellotape wodges of bubble wrap to a walking stick handle. Damp swiffering is a pain, though. It has to be a 'good hand day'.

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