Still obsessing about my knees giving way help please


Hi thank you for your all your accent advice about knee buckling but I'm still obsessing and it's taking over my life I try to be positive and smile when Iam around my family and my fiancé but when Iam on my own it's all comes back I have had counselling it helped a little bit and I cannot talk to my GP because I can't get an appointment I don't think I can leave the rest of my life like this I want to to but I just can't get this idea on my head I'm going to fall if my knees give way I exercise everyday but I don't know if it's helping my legs feel stable and I can walk well but I don't know how much longer for I feel nothing when I take a step but confident but I can't get this nagging dout out of my head I'm so down and unhappy


  • Grace111
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    Hi @Blueskyday68

    the emotional side of arthritis can be overwhelming I think we can all admit we have been there. I have found talking to myself rationally can help so

    what would happen if you did fall? Worst case scenario?

    I have the same fear of falling as my neck is fused and my worst fear is that I would break my neck. When I did eventually trip over the leg of my bed, my first words were, "I am still alive" I did bash my head and I was a bit bruised. I also had to wait for an ambulance to come and get me up, but that was it.

    Can you speak to a physio and find out what they suggest?

    Do what you can to prepare for it, then when you catch yourself in that cycle do something to distract your mind onto another subject.

    Tell your fiancé they need to know, this is an important part of who you are and the need to understand. Talk to them about it a lot, make plans for what to do if you fall and then let it go knowing you have a plan in place.

    I don't worry about falling now as I know I can survive it.

    I am sorry it's affecting your life so much, I would certainly strongly suggest you get an appointment with your GP to discuss your anxiety around this, my daughter started taking medication for anxiety and it changed her life

    Sending hugs


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    Hi blueskyday68

    i am very sorry that you going through this anxiety about your situation. I am pretty much the same as you and my knees I feel like I’m going to fall when I walk. Months back I was referred to physiotherapist but it was not great help as my knees were very painful when I was exercising. I was then discharged and was referred to pain management clinic. On my first appointment they asked me my medical history and was referred to a seminar which was not helpful at all for me. Recently I had an X-ray for both knees as I was very concerned that I cannot flex my knees and it give way when I’m walking. Everyday I do little stretching and walking. But honestly to distract me from the pain I do listen to music. Try and find things that interest you to divert your mind from the pain. Good luck