Something went pop!

Hi, I’m new to the forum and have arthritis in both knees, spine and neck. I’m hoping to get my first knee replacement in January.

In the early hours of this morning I tuned over in bed and felt something ‘go’ in my worst knee and I can’t put weight on it. I can’t get a GP appointment so is this something that needs attention or perhaps just worsening of my symptoms? I do have torn meniscus in both knees already.

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    Hello @Paulafagan19 and welcome to the community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that you find that as well.

    I understand you have arthritis in your knees, spine and neck. I understand that getting a GP appointment is difficult these days but do keep trying as they are the only ones who can get you medical attention.

    In the meantime I've put a couple of links in from our website to see if that helps at all and have a look around yourself - it has a good search function.

    Please do keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and I hope that others will connect with you to share their experiences as well

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  • Hi Paulafagan19,

    Thank you for posting on our helpline forum, I am sorry to hear what has recently happened to your knee and you are finding it difficult to put your weight on it.

    Osteoarthritis causes the cartilage in your knee joint to thin and the surfaces of the joint to become rougher, which means that the knee doesn’t move as smoothly as it should, and it might feel painful and stiff, this can mean that the legs are less supportive and can give way, so that could be what is now happening to your knee.

    It may be worth calling your doctor and ask for a referral to see a physiotherapist who can advise you further and help with some structured stretching and strengthening exercises that can help to build up the muscle in your knee and the exercises can help with the stiffness.

    Thank you PeterJ for attaching the other links.

    If at any point it would help you to talk things through informally and in confidence with one of our Helpline advisors about your condition you are more than welcome to call our Free Helpline on 0800 5200 520 weekdays 9am – 6pm.

    Best wishes


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    If you are like me then torn meniscus can get wedged in the joint making weight bearing impossible until it wiggles free. and the squishing of the tear makes weight bearing very uncomfortable for a few days after it has wiggled loose.

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    Hello, I’ve only just started using this site so I’m not sure if I’m in the right place. So here goes. I’m waiting for a hip replacement and I’m in the process of buying some new furniture, and was wondering would the professionals give advice as to whether or not to buy an HSL recliner/riser chair, to help me get up after surgery. It would be made in my size. I don’t know who else to ask as I want a medical opinion as to whether this would help or hinder my surgery. Thankyou. From Ann

  • RogerBill
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    Hi @AnnR I had a posterior THR seven weeks ago. My reclining stressless chair plus cushion and footstool has been really good. Before the op I made a platform to sit the chair on to make it a little higher. Sitting on low sofas is not advisable for at least six weeks after the operation. The arms on the chair were all I needed to help me stand and sit. If you're less mobile a chair with riser might be needed. If you can now stand and sit just using your good leg and arms perhaps you won't need a riser.

    My main problem post op was with the raised toilet seat the hospital gave me. It was extremely uncomfortable so I bought a toilet seat with frame so that I could reduce the weight on the operated area by taking some by leaning on the arm rests.

  • AnnR
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    Thankyou RogerBill, that’s useful to know so I probably wouldn’t need to pay out for a riser, as my mobility is OK at the moment. Everyone says how uncomfortable those raised seats are, I’ve already got a frame one on my list.

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    @AnnR I believe any exercises you're able to do before the op will help mobility and recovery after the op. I was able to access the NHS funded physio service before my op. They gave me some exercises and I also used some of Lou Grant's exercises. Lou Grant is a physiotherapist based in Leeds who had a hip replacement a few years ago and her website contains a lot of videos and documents which I found useful. However as I was repeatedly told, everyone is different and what works for one person and a particular type of hip replacement operation might not work for someone else.

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    @RogerBill No you’re right everyone is different but I’m sensible enough to sort out what suits me and I’m open for any suggestions and ideas. Thankyou. Ann

  • AnnR
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    @RogerBill I’ve found the videos of Lou Grant and they are very good. Thankyou for those tips. Ann