Getting upset after reading things about osteoarthritis


Sometimes when I re things on here about osteoarthritis I get down and depressed I am just wondering when my knees are going to give why why when my knees are going to lock just sitting waiting and reading things make me paranoid I'm doing really well at the moment and I am happy that I'm doing so well but in the back of my mind I am waiting for it to all go wrong and wondering how long the good spell last and how I'm going to be looked after in the future as my mother and father look after me me.and they are getting into retirement age and I know they won't be around forever I am doing my exercises but I still doubt if they work I can bear weight with my knees but wondering how long that will last thank you for letting me have a moan I'm just so so confused


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    most people who have arthritis do not require a carer or looking after. They hold down jobs, do hobbies and enjoy life.

    Ok may need pain killers, need to make sure stay slim and sometimes surgery to sort out dodgy knees but having arthritis is not a death sentence. Many just get it mildly and it stays mild.

    Talk to your doctor about what you can do to keep your level of fitness or improve it. keeping active is the best way or staying active

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    My sister (two new knees and many arthroscopies) recently pointed out that most people who post about their various medical conditions on applicable forums are those who are struggling or suffering more than usual. You won’t see many posts that say “my (... insert medical condition of your choice...) isn’t hurting at all these days and my life is tip-top and dandy!” except on Instagram etc.

    Websites will tend to deal with more moderate to advanced stages of medical conditions, is those that need treating or life-style changes. So what you read is going to be skewed to the grim side. Concentrate on what’s happening to YOU, at this moment. Catastrophic deterioration or sudden collapse is rare and not a given. Speak with your own GP, physio or MSK consultant to discuss how you are now, what you can do to manage it, and what your treatment options are. The internet can never take the place of advice specific to you from your own medical advisers, and is capable of frightening the pants off most mere mortals like us.

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    My OA has left me unable to work and in a wheelchair BUT as I live alone, albeit with my cat, I have no option but to get on with it. I do have a Home Help once a week and, guess what, she has OA herself but gets on with life too!

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    Thank you all for your wonderful comments