Good morning all first of all I would like to say thank you to everybody associated to this site as I have found it so valuable, I don’t post a lot but I’m always reading what fellow suffers are saying.I have put a similar post before but I’m now at the end of my tether and don’t know really what to do.I feel I have arthritis a bit of everywhere toe, knees, hip,hand but I feel no one really takes me serious the only one I’m getting a lot of attention on is my foot but it took nearly 9years for anyone to do anything, I had an operation for that all though they say it was a success I’m still in a lot of pain it turns out I had arthritis in my toe which they cut away and put in a plastic joint in unfortunately now they have found inflammation in my heel/ankle and they have gave me injections but sad to say still in pain and it’s worse then before of course every time they do anything you have to wait months for next appointment not blaming NHS as I know there under so much pressure. On top of this my knees hurt they have been hurting for years all you get is a couple of physio appointments then that’s it I now when I tell doctor I get a phone appointment from physio to say just keep exercising then I go back to doctor and get referrals back to physio this has gone on for so long and I must say pain is not unbearable yet but there is no proper diagnosis your just left with exercises and pain killers this is same for hand and hip. To make matters worse I suffer from severe fatigue and not just tired I get total wipe out as has been said by many on here before it so bad at times, usually if have done something like wash car or general shopping housework etc it gets to the point my body just shuts down until I rest and sometimes it can take a couple of days to properly recover and there is no real warning one day I might be ok then next wipe out. I have spoke to doctors who give you a blood test and say everything is fine and tell you to do exercise which I really try to do as I’m quite a active person or used to be but exercise wipes me out for whole day and once again I leave it for a while then go back to doctor and same thing happens, now I am on antidepressants they put it down to them which yes they make me sluggish but the wipe out has gone on for years. Sorry I have rambled on I just get so frustrated I get up in the morning aching all over I try to fight it but one day not so bad the next can’t do anything,I’m feeling like an old man before my time as I’m sure a lot of other sufferers feel. I also I feel bad because I read your posts and see there are people who are far worse then me I should not be moaning but it just beats you down and sometimes you just want someone to say your not imaging it your in pain or suffer because you have whatever I have but they never do 🥲 Thanks for listening.


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    Hello @rgarybaldi

    Your user name really made me smile I had to say that!

    A very big welcome to you to the Versus Arthritis online community. I am so glad you have found this wonderful resource and am sure you will get a great deal of support from our members.

    First of all I feel I must day you are absolutely not 'moaning' I think you have every right to be feeling as you do and everyone here will understand.

    I am going to attach a link to an article about 'Arthritis' please do read it because it may well help you plan what to do next:

    Take a look at this article too:

    because it may give you an idea as to what you think could happen next.

    This pandemic has made it extremely difficult to see any medical professional easily I know, but you sound as though you have been very patient up to this point. Can I suggest you consider having someone with you when you next speak to your GP - even if that has to be on speakerphone if it is a telephone appointment. Having someone with you can help give you confidence. Writing down what you want to say is also a good idea.

    (Sorry @helpline_team I didn't spot this was one for you😯)

    Very best wishes


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    Hi @garybaldi,

    So sorry to hear of your struggles but I can totally sympathise. I am struggling myself today it feels like every joint in my body is aching and I am feeling so cold, even though I know it is mild. I have severe OE in both knees, but also now in my hands, feet and toes. I have not seen a doctor for over two years, just 'phone consultations and arrangements made for X Ray and physio. Have seen physio 3 times now and have one more appointment at the end of this month and then nothing further as he feels that there is little more he can do for me. To be truthful the only thing he has done is given me a walking stick, which has made a huge difference to my confidence with walking and I am so grateful for that. I take paracetamol and use pain relieving gel on my knees but that is all. As you say there are many others much worse off, and I guess at 81 I am not doing too badly, but some days it just seems worse than others. Do take care and good luck.🌸

  • Hi @rgarybaldi

    Thanks to you post to the Helpline. I'm not sure what kind of arthritis you're diagnosed with (whether it's osteoarthritis or another kind).

    It may worth getting some feedback or input from someone medically trained (for example a physiotherapist) on how you are self-managing. How are you doing with healthy eating and keeping your weight down and keeping moving to keep supporting muscles strong and flexible are a couple of points. Further points would depend on a conversation, as someone gets to know what's going on for you.

    I hear the point that fatigue is a real concern to you. I wonder whether a health care professional has looked into that? I'm attaching some of our information about fatigue.

    I would really encourage you to consider ringing us here at the Helpline (0800 5200 520) so we can understand your situation more thoroughly and try to offer you more information.

    Managing fatigue | Causes, self-help, support (

    I do hope we can help you further.

    Kind regards