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i am 72 years old and about a year ago and told i have O A these last three weeks my pain has got worse, also my lower back is giving pain all the while, and three months ago at 6pm i had severe chest pain i also suffer from angina, so i did not call an ambulance eventually the pain eased off leaving me a bit sweaty, the next morning at 4 pm i had severe chest pain my wife called an ambulance it took an hour to get to me,to cut a long story short, the first pain was an heart attack. the second pain was the breast bone on the left side had swollen up not helped because i think i had angina as well,

my question, my calcium is on the low side, and i been told to take d3 calcium tablets, my body hurts from top to bottom will calcium tablets ease my pain eventually ?

second question, what combination pain killers work best,i cannot take ibuprofen because it may make my heart condition worse

the heart ecg taken by the ambulance person did not show much, but when i arrived at the heart hospital a consultant spotted the problem the consultant show me a small bump on the ecg when they took a look one of my bypass grafts looked like an almost squashed worn, three stents were inserted in to my bypass graft.


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    Hello @trellis and welcome to the online community,

    You have been diagnosed with OA and you have also experienced a heart attack and angina in recent months. Your pain has been getting worse over the last three weeks. Your calcium is on the low side and you are wondering if calcium tablets will help ease the pain and what combination of pain killers work best.

    Calcium is not known to be a treatment for arthritis pain, but is generally taken to help strengthen bones. It's unlikely that calcium tablets will help ease your pain.

    Regarding what combination pain killers work best, that's very difficult to answer as it depends on each individual and their medical conditions. It would be best if you could talk to your GP and explain that your pain has increased recently. They may change your meds or refer you to a pain clinic or for some tests. You shouldn't have to tolerate pain so do get in touch with your GP.

    Versus Arthritis website has a useful page on managing pain that you might like to take a look at. It suggests various self-help treatments that might improve how you feel. Here's the link:

    Other member may have some suggestions to help you as well.

    Best wishes, and do keep in touch,

    Anna (Mod)

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    thank you anna i have been on tramadol for a while, but lower back pain has got worse,the doctor has asked if i am able to afford an mri on my lower back, to speed things up, i am looking into that.