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Hello , im looking for any advice on financial support . I’m really struggling right now , I am working but not sure for how much longer I can cope . I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right hip , base of my spine , right knee and neck , the pain at times is unbearable... I am exhausted and feel like crying every day at the thought of having to deal with pain and work pretending I’m ok when I’m not . I’m 59 and feeling lost and alone with the grinding pain constantly. I take codeine and paracetamol which only makes me feel sick and spaced out , I’ve been looking into PIP but it’s scary and daunting. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


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    I understand what you are going through as we all have a very difficult decision to make when our inabilities become too much to continue to work. PIP is designed to provide for the additional costs of disability such as aids around the house, additional food costs and so forth; and you are right it is not that easy to get as it is not paid just because you are in pain it depends on what you can and cannot do. There is also Employment Support Allowance and Universal Credit, which then open up other benefits such as Housing Benefit and Council Tax rebate. Have a look at If you have an occupational pension with an employer it may be worth investigating if you can claim that now; when I had to give up work I was self-employed but had a pension with a previous employer, I contacted them and said that if I was still working for them I would have been medically retired, they agreed and I had an independent medical which resulted in the payment of my pension immediately. I was about 54 at the time that I had to give up work on the advice of my GP and the fact that I could not perform despite being on Morphine. It may also be worth chatting to the CAB. In addition ask your GP for a referral to your local Pain Clinic as stronger drugs than Codeine and Paracetamol may help, although in my experience no pain killers get rid of pain they merely knock the edge off.

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    Great advice there from @Mike1

    This might be worth a look too:

    We will support you if you decide to apply for anything here just an ear and share our experiences too@Lou62

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    Thank you for your helpful advise and support , this is all new to me as I’ve never had to claim any help before and it’s all a minefield it really is and so confusing I didn’t know where to start , all I do know is worked and being in constant pain is really depressing as you will know . I appreciate all your advice as it helps me on the right track . I’m sorry you’ve suffered but glad things are sorted for you now financially hopefully. Im self employed with no private pension or otherwise, the thought of all the paperwork fills me with dread but I’ll face it and look into it all . Many thanks .

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    I'm in a similar position and same age, although I have "arthritis" in my hands, wrists, Knees, ankles ,hips and possibly lower back I have still not had a definite diagnosis as to what type/types of arthritis I might have except possibly erosive arthritis in my hands, even after being first referred to a consultant over two years ago probably near three. also have been self employed virtually all my working life with no private pension worth talking about. despite not actually seeming to know what arthritis I have I have just been prescribed Sulfasalazine so will see how that goes , only painkiller I can really use is co-codamol and I try not to touch it as much as possible, I haven't worked since April and things are very difficult financially I've just about sold anything worth selling to keep the bills paid etc as no other income I agree it seems very daunting entering the benefits claims arena when you have never had to do it before but looks like it's heading that way out of desperation as I've more or less closed up shop at the moment and can't really see me being able to carry on with my business,. Good luck and let's hope we can both get sorted sooner rather than later.

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    Definitely worth putting a PIP claim in - it does take a while to process but once it's approved they back date it to the application date. First element is about what you can't do around the house anymore (getting dressed, having a bath, cooking, using a toilet etc), the second element is about what difficulties you have getting out and about - transport, parking, walking distance etc. Worth applying for a blue badge from your local council too if this affects your travel

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    If you're applying for PIP I strongly advise going to CAB for help with the application. It's not that you can't do it yourself, it's just that they are dealing with these forms day in and day out and know what information is likely to get the best result for you

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    Concur with that about CAB but I'd also say to be prepared for an intrusive and maybe even aggressive interview. At mine I was even asked what books I liked reading and what I was currently reading. I hadn't said I'd any problems reading and comprehending. I ended up with zero points which made me feel like a fraud. Same happened with mandatory reconsideration. At appeal I was awarded higher rate for both daily living and mobility.

    I understand interviews are by phone now which shouldn't be as bad as face-to-face but you still might end up with an unsympathetic interviewer. The key thing is if you aren't awarded PIP and you reckon you should have been is not to give up. Go through the whole mandatory reconsideration/appeal process. It takes time but most appeals are upheld. The appeals panel aren't stupid. They're dealing with loads of cases turned down by the DWP and know a lot of it is a money-saving exercise as many people who'd win on appeal give up before it gets that far.

    Obviously I hope you are awarded PIP after interview but I don't think my experience is all that rare and it's important not to let a refusal get you down. Good luck