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Hi , I recently moved to my home town after years away where I worked . I have had to claim benefits as I am not working now . I have been really stressed since returning and find my local job center really pushy and not listening to me about jobs and hours I can work . I went onto ESA as I was told by a friend I would still be able to look for work but not feel pressured into taking anything just to please the job center . Even though I handed in a sick line they still made me attend the job center . It’s interviews over the phone now but it’s like every tens days . My doctor put on the sick line I have psoriatic arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and I am suffering from stress . My last sick line is up until next year . I feel harassed by this woman and I am applying for jobs I know I can’t physically do just to show I am looking for work . I even got an interview for a domestic which I know I can’t physically do . I’ve only been claiming benefits for 2 1/2 months but it’s stressing me out this having to constantly look and apply for jobs I can’t physically do . I do want to work but a job I can manage . Has anyone any advice about this please ?