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Hello everyone, im new, so this is my first post. Im 52 and I have been on methotrexate now for 8weeks been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I'm still suffering with pain on my fingers and swelling i also have a shooting pain from my leg to my back and shoulders. 2 weeks ago I noticed a lump on my neck in my throat sort of thing, a year ago I had a sebaceous cyst removed with the sac and now I have a lump near the same area. I'm due for a scan next week Wednesday as my Gp has referred me to one.

Called the rheumatology nurse today that I'm worried that the methotrexate is causing me problems im concerned as cancer runs in my family, just to point out say if it triggered something else in my body. The nurse reassured me that all will be ok and wait for my scan results to come back and take it from there.

Im feeling down as it is with the pain and now this lump on my neck I can not even sleep.

Sorry about the long text I just feel upset that I have this condition with the pain constantly.


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    Hi @Najat - welcome to the online community!

    I see you have Psoriatic Arthritis and you've been put on Methotrexate for it. You've now got a lump in your throat and you're worried as your family has a history of cancer and you think it may be the Methotrexate causing the lump. You have previously had a cyst and this seems to be in the same place. It's causing you a lot of anxiety and you don't feel supported at home.

    The "good" news is that mouth ulcers and sores are indeed a side effect of Methotrexate, so if this is what you have it is highly unlikely to be cancer. You've got it tested and your specialist has told you not to worry, so try to put this to the back of your mind (I know how hard that is!) You have done everything you can with this - told your GP and your specialist and it is being actioned on and not ignored. Odds are high it's another cyst or an ulcer form the Methotrexate.

    Taking folic acid on days you're not taking Methotrexate - and taking it by injection rather than by tablets - can reduce the chance of mouth ulcers and side effects in general. I've put the information we have on Methotrexate below:

    Being in pain in never easy, and having a support network can really make a difference. If your partner isn't supporting you then try talking to a friend or family member, or come on here and talk to us. There are a number of us who are regulars here on the community and we're more than willing to share ideas and listen when you need us. If you need to speak to someone our helplines are available as well.

    I'd also have a look at the Managing Symptoms section of our Psoriatic Arthritis information, it may be able to offer some help to you. I've also shared our link on managing pain which has a lot of hints and tips.

    There are a lot of ideas in the community on how to reduce pain - do have a look around and see if anything would help.

    Lovely to meet you!


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    Hello Shell,

    Thank you so much for your reply much appreciated. I will have my scan next week the 17th November I will than have to wait for the results from my Gp.

    I will have a good read with the link you have sent me and also may ask the rheumatology nurse if I could have the injection rather than the tablets once my reports with the scan comes through.

    Thank you for sending me the managing pain link.

    I will call for a chat for support as I'm feeling low.