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Hello everyone

I am new to this forum and came here via an app designed to help young people with arthritis. I had been using it for several days before I realise at 65 it was probably not aimed at me!

it would be really helpful to have something for us more mature folk, I would find it helpful for discussions with my GP, physio and anyone else trying to help me. Any bright sparks out 5he re able to creat one?

I have Fibromyalgia and CFS as well as osteoarthritis and find it hard to sift out what is affecting me, all I know is the pain is different lately. Just starting on Gabapentin again. The Zapain was OK but hated feeling sick all the while, naproxen upsets my innards, the Lansoprazole to solve that made me very poorly and amitryptiline leaves me very sleepy all the while. 🙄

*grits teeth and gets dressed for morning stagger round the block with my arthritic border collie*


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    As a simple fix, why not use the Notes App if you have an iPhone, or the equivalent rom other manufacturers.

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    Hi @Jane63c

    I won't say I'm totally non-techie but my fingers are not into a touch keyboard so I'm reluctant to download Apps. I'm guessing you discovered that clubbing and bungee jumping aren't great for OA😉

    I have RA and OA and, although the RA is a free-spirited beast which kowtows to few rules, I find the OA a little more predictable. If I overdo things it complains. End of. That's the OA's idea of my overdoing things, not mine.

    I am wondering, though, if the CFS might be a factor in your case. I know we have a lady on here with it and it might well be that which made her recovery from a THR longer than envisaged. Or / and, indeed, the fibro having a bite.

    Personally, I'm not big on painkillers and prefer exercises. Just because you're walking regularly isn't to say you're exercising all the requisite muscles. Have a look at our exercises and also the Lets Move forum

    Good luck!

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