Can’t move my leg out far


Hi I have PsA and fibro I developed a new symptom since 2020. I can’t abduct ( move out away from

Centre of my body) my right hip. Well more my groin actually , just stops half way.,Can’t do ‘frog legs’ with soles of feet together I thought originally it’s because early pandemic so not to touch high traffic doors I ( foolishly ) started to use my foot to open doors at work (hospital corridors) and kick the electronic door pad. But haven’t done that for about a year. Told my new rhumeatologist but he just diagnosed PsA that day and I’ve got to go back in feb for a nurse appt to discuss starting meds if I want. Why does a joint literally just not move is it generally bone deterioration shd I be asking for xray.? I saw a sports massage/ therapist twice but it did nothing. Im scared this is bone damage not that anything can be done really wd just be nice to know. Has anyone ever paid for a private physio? Sorry lots of questions lovely people! X


  • Hi @Bordergirl

    The lack of movement in your hip could be for a number of reasons really; bone, muscle, tendons etc. so you might want to contact your GP/ specialist to request xrays or scans so that they can look into this further for you. It's always worth trying, and getting other opinions too as you need the right treatment to help you.

    We have some links here for stretching exercises that could possible help to improve your range and movement, but make sure that you listen to your body. This link contains information about the Let's Move programme which is specifically designed for people with arthritis:

    You don't say whether you are experiencing any pain in your hip at all, but if you are we also have this information:

    I haven't personally used private phsyio, but others here may have. I do understand your frustrations and concerns, many of us here have been through, and are still going through, similar experiences. Lots of our lovely members are always willing to listen or offer advice.

    Please do keep us posted with your progress if you are happy to do so and feel free to wonder around the online community!

    It's great to have you here,