Side effects of Methotrexate

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Hi I'm new to this and just wanted to see if any body else is experiencing what I am.

I had a double partial knee replacement last year and just wasnt getting better. I was eventually then diagnosed with RA in the other side of my knees and started on methotrexate.

I am having lots of side effects, feeling sick, diarrhea, anxiety, not sleeping and just feel awful. I am on week 9 and am feeling no relief. I have lost over 2 stone in weight.

I also now have really sore shoulders and pain on my head constantly and during the night my hands totally cease up.

They are changing me onto injections to see if that helps but I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this and not getting any results for it.


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    I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering. It must be very difficult for you.

    I have RA in both knees following nearly 30yrs without a flare up! I am due to see the consultant at the end of November and I am concerned that I will need Methotrexate or a similar immunosuppressant. The side effects listed sound horrendous! I wonder if everyone is affected?

    i hope you are feeling better very soon. Best wishes.

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    Hi @Alisondoug welcome to the Online Community, great to have you here.

    I understand that after a double partial knee replacement last year you have been diagnosed with RA in the other side of my knees and started on methotrexate. This is having some side effects and you are now changing to injections.

    Methotrexate is a type of disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD) which can indeed have side-effects. Like all such drugs, these can be quite unpleasant and you may find that injections are a better alternative for you.

    Our web site has some great information on this and it is well worth reading through to understand the treatment:

    Not everyone is affected in the same way and part of the initial treatment is to discover what works best for you. Do let us know how you get on and how you are feeling after the change in approach. Do join in across the Online Community, you will be most welcome.

    All best wishes


  • MrsDawson1

    Hi there

    I was first tried on methotrexate tablets and they upset my stomach so badly that after 6 weeks I stopped having advised my consultant I couldn’t carry on as it was awful constantly feeling sick with an upset stomach. I went back to an increased dosage of my previous medication and that worked okay for a while

    Now, 4 years on I am back on Methotrexate but this time the weekly injections due to the stomach issues I had and I have to say I have had no issues with my stomach at all! My arthritis is so much better but the side effect I seem to have developed is tinnitus and I do get a rash occasionally on my feet strangely enough. The tinnitus isn’t too bad I only really notice it at night or if in a really quiet place but I can cope with it as the pain relief I have got is substantial