Suitable Bag for work?

Hi any advice please. I have been told to carry to and from work a new (heavy ) laptop this plus my water bottle and lunch plus my rucksack contents so 2 bags is far too much to carry with PsA & fibro. I’ve been told to reduce what I bring , but even the laptop alone is heavy . I work two days a wk and every single time by that pm and evening I’m in a flare up. My boss just stares at me. I can’t stand’s probably a combo of also sitting at a desk a lot, driving a bit tense and having to go from the very top of a building all the way down to the lower ground 5 floors 3-4 times, plus v heavy doors, plus the tension I may hold in my body when at work due to Covid all around. I’m thinking a very long handled bag on wheels but it has to be a very long handle so not to stoop /twist my body so I can push it along even. But all suitcases are too short. Any ideas please? Thank u v much Rebecca


  • Hi Bordergirl,

    Thank you for posting on our helpline forum, I am sorry to hear you are finding it difficult to carry all your work equipment and especially having to go up all those flights of stairs, do they not have a lift in the building as I am sure other people may find it difficult also.

    Unfortunately, at Versus arthritis we cannot recommend or endorse a particular product, but what I could suggest is rather than carrying a rucksack, you could look into purchasing something like a small flight bag that is big enough to carry your laptop water bottle etc, which may be easier for you to use.

    Hope that will give you something to think about and help you in the future.

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    shopping trolleys often have longer handles . I use one -ok for shopping- as carrying heavy weights flares my hip and knee terrible. there are smaller ones out there

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    A search for “rolling baskets” on Amazon brought up some interesting results that may be worth a look. A more general search using that term produced wider results - the prices from US stores were amazingly high!

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    Hi, try searching for a long handled laptop roller bag - they have very long extendable handles. I used to have something similar that I used when I had a job that required lugging heavy files around. Amazon do one that is up to 99cm/39 inches tall. I'm not sure how sturdy these would be fully extended if you were pushing them along instead of pulling, but maybe worth a look.

  • Bordergirl
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    Thank you everyone very kind of you so sorry for delay thanking u all xx

  • Hi @Bordergirl

    Thank you for posting on the forum, I hope the other responses have been helpful to you. You might like to repost on the living with arthritis forum where you will receive more responses about the experiences of others

    I have given you a link to our information regarding work, which I hope will be useful to you. You will find it talks about your rights at work and the duty of care your employer has for you.

    You are very welcome to call our helpline: 0800 5200 520 (weekdays 9am-6pm) here we can talk in more detail about talking to your employer and the management of your condition.

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