Covid Dilemma

Hi I'm new. I am in the CEV category. I have just found out my cleaner of 6 + years (also now a friend), has not had any jabs .She has known my status since the start . She won't have the jab and when I last spoke to her , refused to do a test before she comes .I have shown her the latest advice for CEV. but to date that has not shifted her stance. I was shocked when I found out last week and not sure what to do.

Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks



  • Chris_R
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    hi @metta

    Welcome to the online community,you say that your cleaner of 6 years and a friend has just told you that she hasnt and doesnt want to have the vaccine for Covid and refuses to do a test before she comes to see you. being a friend have you asked her why she feels that way,it may be because she is frightened of the vaccine and as you say she is a friend and may open to you about her reasons. Just to say she has been cleaning for you before and during covid maybe she could where a mask when she is around you or come and clean while you are out.The decision is up to you really wether you continue with her as a cleaner and a friend.

    Hope all goes well for you,please keep in touch and tell us how you are getting on and do go on to our forum and talk to others they may have some advice to give you to assist you in your decision.

    All the best Christine

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  • stickywicket
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    I'm not a member of the Helpline team just an ordinary, immunosuppressed, triple jabbed forum member but I know what I'd do. You say she's a friend but she knew your status and didn't even tell you she was unvaccinated. And intends to remain that way. In my book, metta, that's not how friends behave. I'd get a new cleaner.

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  • frogmorton
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    Helplines aren't in until Monday Metta so I'm going to stick my twopeneth in too.

    If you want to keep your friend I suppose you windows, both wear masks.....sanitise door handles when she's gone. Or even go out and allow her to clean then.

    If you can't do that or still feel anxious read Stickywicket's reply.

    Take care

  • Mike1
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    What a sticky situation you are in. I must agree with Stickywicket and Frogmorton, I cannot understand why a friend would do something to risk your health. There is enough evidence out there that the risks of not taking the vaccine far outweigh not doing so. Personally I would not risk my health to preserve a friendship!

  • Kazza52
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    I work in an office and my employers have a Covid Vaccine Register however when I returned back to work after shielding I had a perspex screen put up, have numerous bottles of hand sanitiser but my employer then said that the staff did not need to wear masks as it was not compulsory, which I think is just irresponsible.

    In the workplace we have some members of staff who flatly refuse to have the vaccine and everyday they are walking around the office without masks thus putting me and other people at risk.

    The only thing you can do Metta is to make her wear a mask when she comes into your home, wash hands regularly and make sure plenty of windows are open (I know November is not the ideal time to have windows open). I really do think people need to more educated on the benefits of having the vaccine. I think some people think the Virus has gone away, it has not and people are still being hospitalised.

    Stay safe everyone

    Kazza x

  • sunnyside2
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    not a friend if won't test before coming to you. Let her go. I know its hard but I would not have the woman in my home

  • Jona
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    Hi @metta ,

    As they say it’s time to have the talk or walk , as your cleaner it’s business you insist she wear a mask and get tested in your company as a friend well tbh as a friend she should know better honesty is always the best policy

    take care of yourself 😊💐

  • Hi Matta,

    Thank you for posting on our helpline forum, I am sorry to hear that you have been put in this situation, I agree with ChrisR it may be that your friend is worried about having the vaccine and as a friend she may be able to open up to you about her fears or possibly even speak to her healthcare team to help to put her mind at ease about the vaccine.

    But in the meantime, this doesn’t help with your situation and if she refuses to still have the vaccine and you do not want to lose her as a friend then I agree with Kazza, you and your friend could both wear masks, open windows wash your hands regularly.

    I really hope you can resolve this situation because it would be a shame to lose a friend.

    Best wishes


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