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Hello all! Diagnosed in July with RA in both feet. This has quickly spread into my right, dominant hand and wrist. Struggling to type this post and wonder if anyone out there has any suggestions to ease this? Do I need to learn to write with my other hand? Finally is physiotherapy an option offered on the NHS for this condition? I’ve just turned 55 and struggling to hold a mug of tea. All within a space of a few weeks. I’ve also got some nerve pain which Im waiting to see a neurologist about and possibly fibromyalgia. In a lot of pain all over and my mood is low. Sorry, a lot of issues when I only meant to ask few questions! Thank you in advance for any advice !


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    Hello @Dolly5 , welcome to the online community.

    You were diagnosed in July with RA in both feet and since then have had a rapid onset of pain which has left you with agility problems with your right hand and wrist. Often in this situation people look at a raised pad on the keyboard to support your hands into a more comfortable position. We rely so much on our hands and keeping the joints as healthy and flexible as possible is really important. There are exercises for this on the VA website and I attach some links which I hope you find helpful

    Also it is important to care for your emotional wellbeing and I appreciate that when you are experiencing a lot of pain it is not surprising that this affects your mood . We are here to support you in what ever mood you feel so do take time to browse round the discussions and read how other members cope with their lives with arthritis.

    You say you only wanted to ask a few questions, we don't mind how many you post , we as a community are here to support you. , The best place to ask about physio is your G P practice. The availability of this is varied around the UK and there are some specialist hand therapists in some areas.

    So do let us know how you get on.

    Take Care


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

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    @Dolly5 Your situation sounds similar to mine, but you seem to be on the ball. My problems started in Sept2020, but I put it down to sporting excess (long 20KM walk). I didn’t see a doc until july 2021 when I woke with clawed hands.

    GP thought it might be RA, but me being in denial did not follow up until my right index swelled up and the tendon became so tender it was excruciating to move it. Then I saw a rheumatologist. In late October! He got the blood tests and there was no denial with a sky high ACCP & RF counts. Suggested methotrexate, & steroid. Not keen on that during covid.

    He suggested Hydroxychloroquine which I accepted. Not great, but it gave me time to research RA.

    I have crap mornings, but the agony of my right finger & tendon seems a lot improved after 2 weeks, but it usually takes 8. Both hands are still in the morning if they had limited circulation ie if sleeping on my side with hands stretched out or in a fist. Keeping them relaxed, and elbows seems to help. And yes, the trouble makers can migrate and call for reinforcement, mine have stung both elbows.

    On my research I found 2 practicing US doctors who went through the same journey share their success in becoming drug & pain-free after some time depending on seriousness.

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    Brynmor (Admin) ]

    They describe the vital impact of the right nutrition & emotional health to bring your inflammatory markers down to make things bearable if not remission/recovery.

    I have started to follow their advice. Note, both were on meds and during that period they changed their lifestyle sufficiently to come off the meds eventually.