Is there such a thing as my normal life with osteoarthritis


Hi hi I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis a year ago I am trying to find out whether there is such a thing as a semi normal life I'm still doing normal things but wondering how long it will be B2 these things becoming possible to do do I do exercises everyday and they seem to be helping but I don't know how long for I'm scared I'm going to end up in a wheelchair


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    Hello Blueskyday68. I have OA in both hips, base of spine and knee. I am having a bad day today and I am pig sick of it. I do exercises everyday, I swim four days a week in a sea lido, I eat a good diet and I am not overweight. I am also a knitter and that is supposed to be very good for pain relief and mental health. GP prescribed 6 para, 6 ibro and 30 mg of codeine everyday and topped up with tramadol. Consultant didn't agree so I take paracetamol sparingly and codeine for very bad days. Versus Arthritis suggested to me Capaciacin Cream, a complementary therapy but approved on NHS for arthritis. It does work for me but it needs to be used daily. I also use mindfulness but has limited use. Hope this is of some use.

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    Hi @Blueskyday68

    I just wanted to say that people who return to a full life are highly unlikely to be on these forums as they are just getting on with life. So those of us here would really not be saying yes life returns to normal BUT that doesn't mean life isn't good. I have had arthritis for 40 years now and I am in a wheelchair but my life is good and full. Yes I have had to adapt and give up some things but I have taken up new hobbies instead.

    I get out and about, go swimming when I can, I do volunteer work and spend lots of time with family and friends. Yes I have to pace myself, yes I have bad days when I cuddle up and spend the day resting with Netfix and sleep but I try to focus on what I can do so that I can stay positive. It takes time to adjust and talking about it helps.

    sending hugs


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    Hi I have osteoarthritis too and waiting for a total hip replacement

    my concerns are the same as yours will I end up in a wheelchair

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    When I was first diagnosed with OA in my spine the GP said that I would end up in a wheelchair but he could not say when, I carried on working normally for another 10 years, 9 years ago I had to give up work as the OA became widespread and have been in a wheelchair for the past 2. Just because you have been diagnosed does not mean that the OA will spread or that you will end up in a chair. Like Grace says it is a case of adapting and trying to make the best of things. Don't waste time worrying, it may never happen.

  • Blueskyday68

    Thank you all