New research & hope. GSK leading..

For those scientifically inclined, there’s some really clever research & trials being done to bring rampant immune systems to heel.

In summary, scientists have found to their surprise that the nervous system controls everything, like an autopilot. Sometimes the “software” goes wrong. Current approach is to usw powerful drugs to suppress the immune system without fine control, leaving us vulnerable to new infections and latent reactivations.

In trials they found that suppressing the nerve signal that tells the spleen to kick off stopped the overreaction. The lucky trial patients are now enjoying the benefits. volunteers have shown similar improvements (Arthritis and Rheumatism, vol 64, p 1).

The aim is to get the stimulator down to the size of a rice grain according to GSK.


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    Unfortunately this site only allows you to read the first couple of paragraphs before insisting you pay to view.

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    Oh so sorry! I hate those, I don’t understand why it let me read the whole article. Is there anyway I can look back at what I posted and recheck?

    Was it the New Scientist ?

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    Yes it was New Scientist - loads of their content is behind a paywall :-(