Job offer worries

Hello, I’m talking myself in & out of this situation so would appreciate some thoughts on what I should do.

i have RA & am on TOCILIZUMAB & have just been told I need a total knee replacement, which they hope to do by Easter next year. I walk with a prominent limp, use a stick & cannot stand for long, the job is deskbased. At the moment the TOCILIZUMAB is taking a while to kick back in after a 6 week break to have a tooth out so I am feeling not great physically. The thing is, the same day I was told I need a knee replacement(still reeling) I was also told about a job that I know would suit me perfectly & I so want to go for it after being made redundant a year ago, I’ve been using this year to get myself as well as possible (I’ve lost 1 & a half stone to get some pressure off knee,just 1 more stone to go). I am so concerned my RA is going to ruin my chances as I am struggling just now & don’t want to go for a job & then let people down because of my mobility issues. I keep trying to remind myself I won’t always feel this bad but there are no guarantees with RA. I’m worried the TOCILIZUMAB won’t work, it took a very long time to reduce inflammation when I started it originally & I am 4 weeks in now after restarting.

On paper I am amazed as a candidate at how many boxes I tick & know I could do this job & believe me I’m not usually that confident.

So my question is, should I go for this job & tell them about my RA/Mobility & let them decide if Im worth the risk?

Or am I kidding myself, should I wait for my meds to kick in & knee op to be done, then start job hunting without any hinderance & better chance of success?

I don’t want to let people down or risk knocking my confidence if I find I can’t physically cope.

I think I’ve made up my mind & then come the next day I’ve changed it again.

I do tend to overthink things, can you tell? 🤪

Any advice/reassurance would be great.

Thank you.


  • Shell_H
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    Hi @MissA,

    As someone else who tends to overthink things, I'd suggest a couple of things. I like lists to help me think and get things out on paper, so if that works for you as well you could always make a pro and con list and see what comes out on top.

    I'd also think about what you think is the worst thing which can happen. Is the worst thing which can happen you go for it and tell them about your RA, and they say no? If that's your worst thing, then you may as well go for it, as you wont lose anything by trying. But if your worst thing is you get the job and then subsequently let someone down somehow because of your RA, I can see how this leads to overthinking! You say the job itself is desk-bound, so it's not the actual doing of the job, but maybe time off due to pain that you're worried about - or the time off needed for your surgery. I'd be tempted to call them up and talk to them about flexible working options - if it's desk-bound you may well be able to arrange options for home working for days when you feel you can't get in. Most jobs have a person you can contact before you apply to talk things over - I'd do that.

    I'm suggesting this as your post makes you sound excited at the idea of the job, that it would help you feel better having it. That's not something to underestimate, so have a good think, write things down, talk to someone, but then decide, taking into account what is best for you as well as others.

    Do let us know what you decide!


  • MissA
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    Thank you Shell, I have just completed my CV & have put it with a covering letter explaining I have RA & saying I felt it best to be honest about my mobility issues. I know they cannot discriminate for what is considered a disability but I felt I needed to be realistic. I’ve asked them to contact me if they need any clarification. I tried to put a positive slant on it & think what I’m like on my good days but it’s hard when my bad days have outnumbered the good recently. I just hope I’m not kidding myself thinking I can hold down a job whilst waiting for my meds to kick in & calm down my RA.

    I’ll let you know what happens.