Thanks everyone for being so supportive…

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Being newly Dx’d really sucks, and you feel like you should be doing something to slow RA’s progression, and frustrated that technology has not fixed this yet. I keep going through all the coulda woulda shoulda and can only think of 3 significant ones:

I should not have over exercised, and paid more attention when I first got painful feet after a long walk and thought I had bad trainers, and then kept repeating the long walks. I think that wear might have been a trigger

Dental appointments - hated those, but there is some correlation between dental issues and RA

Terrible diet full of things I enjoyed and enjoyed too much… Burgers, steaks colas, cakes bread etc

But its nice hearing from you all and not feel alone with RA


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    I find this Versus Arthritis community a fantastic resource, welcome.

    Don’t beat yourself up, I always tried to find a cause for my RA & was full of what ifs that go on forever but after many years have come to the conclusion it’s just life’s ‘lucky’ draw. It probably came a shock to you to have RA so why would you have been doing anything to try & prevent it? I don’t think diet causes RA but I believe certain things can aggravate the condition once you have it. Now you have a diagnosis, just do what you can to make things better for you physically & try not to get into habits that aggravate inflammation, my personal top tip; if you ever think of changing Cola for Diet Coke, DONT, it reeks havoc, I used to drink it every day.

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    @MissA Thanks for the top tip! I was addicted to Cola’s main rival, but the sweetener has done me no good.

    Actually having consulted my Rheumy it would seem the initial foot injury was the trigger, as he sees this often in people who are not elite athletes going gung-ho on an activity they are not accustomed to. (I was weight lifting in the gym daily precovid, and during lockdown i took up cardio walking, which I rarely did, like most weight lifters).

    I wonder if others have top tips …