Psoriatic arthritis

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Hello I’m new to Versus, I’ve had psoriatic arthritis since I was 19, I’m now 57, I’ve been on so many different medications, some meds have worked, others I’ve had to come off them, due to rotten side effects, I’m now on my 3rd anti TNF since I was 36. I’ve had so many operations on my feet & hands. Mentally I’m struggling so I’m happy to be seeing a N.H psychologist next week. It’s incredible that my psoriasis is pretty much non existent now, at its worse I was 90% covered…I’m listed to have my latest surgery on my right hand (my 11th op on this stupid hand) In March I had surgery to replace my left middle PIP joint and 3 DIP joints on my left hand have been fused. But still the damage is happening and the operations keep on coming. Having my condition is so exhausting and unfair but I’m a chirpy type of person, but when the fatigue hits wow, my marriage broke down due to my ill health - I’d love to meet someone new but I’m apprehensive due to my hands looking so different…thanks for reading


  • Hi @NELLYMAY33

    Welcome to Versus Arthritis! You have come to the right place for a friendly natter or offload- there are many of us here who are always ready to listen and share experiences.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have been through so much, living with your condition for so long, with so many medications, treatments and surgeries. It is also difficult when a marriage breaks down, I completely sympathise Thank you for sharing- it can be a very sensitive subject. Personally, I am a 34 year old woman living with arthritis and my marriage also broke down at the beginning of the year. My five year old lives with me, and yes, things have been tough. I've had many times when I've wondered how I'd ever meet someone else and be able to be honest about my arthritis and the limits that it could put on myself and a new relationship, but then I also told myself that if a new partner was not willing to listen or try to understand, then they probably weren't the right person anyway! This attitude has helped in a huge way- you will get there and the right person will come along!

    In the meantime, let's look again at you and your arthritis. You have plenty of experience of living with your condition but that doesn't necessarily make the fatigue any easier to cope with!

    Here are some links to some of the information that we have about fatigue:

    If we can help you with anything at all, or you need pointing in the right direction of some advice, please don't hesitate to ask anyone here. Keep talking to us- we all here to listen!

    Take care,