Has anyone tried acupuncture, what was your experience of it?

I am not really into alt therapies, but if the NHS sees general benefit and a prominent neurologist involved in RA research (Dr Kevin Tracey) thinks occasionally there maybe a sound basis then I would be keen on looking further.

Just wondered if anyone has, and which part of the body specifically did the acupuncture place needles?

The doc thinks it would be the left ear, (see my post on electroceuticals on research into using nerve stimulation to achieve pharma effects), and the effect would be temporary.

The trouble is finding a genuine acupuncture expert vs the numerous unregulated pretenders.


  • Hi @Arthuritis

    Thank you for your post! I personally haven't had any experience of using acupuncture or any other alternate treatments, however there may be other members here in our online community who may be able to share their experiences.

    We do have some information here on Versus Arthritis which may be of some interest to you:

    I hope that these can be of some use to you in the meantime!

    Take care,


  • Hi there, I’ve been having acupuncture at the hospital I attend for my psoriatic arthritis for over 10 years and I’ve always felt the benefits. I’m having my final session next week it’s been a six week course, I have the needles in my neck, lower back and the back of my calfs muscles, I have felt it’s benefited me and has helped the stiffness and overall I’ve felt better, I’ll miss it. Lesley

  • crinkly
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    I have OA (not RA) and had several courses of acupuncture some years ago. It was introduced during a Pain Management Programme and I found it very relaxing so good for relief of pain that was exacerbated by muscle contraction. The main area being treated was my back so I couldn't clearly see the needles, which were placed in various locations from base of skull to heels according to the most painful areas at the time. Only once did I experience pain from a needle being inserted and it was quickly removed and repositioned. Most often I did not feel anything at all.

    The positive effects were short term but sufficient to be worthwhile when repeated weekly. (Probably on a par with massage, which I find very helpful when done on a regular basis.)

    I was treated by three different physiotherapists who all practised Acupuncture as part of their NHS employment. Two also offered private treatments. I would have no hesitation in going to any of them again.

    If you are thinking of giving Acupuncture a try it is possible to check on a therapist's qualifications online and I hope you manage to find a suitable practitioner and find their service helpful.

  • frogmorton
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    I have had acupuncture twice

    Once when my back first went I think it helped and also had 'cupping' there too.

    last time more recent was for my hip possible bursitis by an NHS physio. Wasn't so sure about that as one needle hit a trigger point (myofascial pain) and I hit the roof!

    I think it is absolutely worth a try.

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    I tried it yonks ago. Twice. I think for knees and I think the needles were essentially in legs and feet.

    Two different practitioners (both private as NHS didn't offer it then) as my first had retired by the time I went again.

    First was encouraging enough to make me try the second time but, really, by the time I'd got the bus home, I wasn't much better.

    Second, at a very posh clinic, was expensive and useless. Do your research if thinking of it.

  • Arthuritis
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    @NELLYMAY33 @crinkly @frogmorton @stickywicket Thank you all very much for your quick & honest reviews & experiences.

    From the sound of things the benefits seem subjective & underwhelming.

    I had hoped that the ancient Chinese technique would effectively have already stumbled on what the pharma industry now consider a new treatment avenue (electroceuticals).

    Current research proves the autonomous nervous system exerts tremendous control over immune system and I thought acupuncture might be a nice way of “try before you buy”!

    Here’s a brief BMJ abstract in case anyone feels like looking into this “new” discovery


  • Mike1
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    I paid £600 for a course of treatment with a registered practitioner a few years ago and had no positive benefit from it whatsoever.

  • Arthuritis
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    @NELLYMAY33 @crinkly @frogmorton @stickywicket Forgot to add, thanks for being brilliant and always there to give your thoughts.

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