Pain behind knee and knee giving way

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Hi. I’m 56 and have osteoarthritis. I had it severely in my knees when I was 46 and had to have both kneecaps replaced. The replacements have been amazing, but my knees are deteriorating and I will need to have total knee replacements in about 10 years. I have been getting pain on the outside of the knees, but not too bad. However, recently, I’ve been getting pain behind the left knee-started as a baker’s cyst, but sometimes my knee gives way. I had to have a week off work because of it. My physio thinks it may just be an over use thing, but it’s a bit scary, worrying that it will give way. The physio gave me exercises to do and suggested I wear a knee brace. I got one, but it keeps rolling down, which is really annoying! I wonder if anyone has any suggestions please? I hope you’re having a good Saturday. 🙂


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    I would suggest you ask the physio for advice on what knee brace to get. The one I saw had a catalogue of them- measured me and picked out what she said would be best for my problem. They are all different and some of rubbish so worth getting him or her to advise. I was surprised to find I did not have to pay for it either - it was deemed necessary by NHS so was supplied free.

  • Thank you very much , I will do that. 🙂