Any advice for getting through winter with knee osteoarthritis

Hi has anyone got any advice for getting through the winter months with osteoarthritis in the knees thanks a lot


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    Hi @Blueskyday68 . I use tubi grip on my knees in winter. They don't restrict movement in the knees and help keep the knee joints warm. Hot water bottles are a great help also. Hopes this helps

  • Thank you for the advice can I just ask a question do you get flare ups in winter and how do you handle them thanks

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    No problem. Yes I do get flare ups in winter. To be honest I just rest when I can. Only do what I can. I never push myself physically too much especially in the winter as the flare ups can be worse. It's important to look after yourself and be kind to yourself. Hot showers or a hot bath helps. Thermal clothing helps. I try not to do anything that could trigger a flare up. I think everyone finds their own coping strategies over time as far as dealing with flare ups. What works for one person may not work for another.

  • Thank you so much I have brought some thermal trousers and thermal socks and some thermal knee supports I hope this all helps me

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    What a good idea, getting through winter is tricky. I have Raynaud's as well as arthritis and my fingers/toes turn white in the cold, maybe blue and they hurt as the blood starts flowing again.

    My tip is extra layers, I've just sent off for some thermal welly socks which I wear as my normal socks in winter, they are a big help. When I'm sitting down I have a smallish blanket over my knees - having cats is a big plus too!

    I also have hand warmers. The ones I have a reusable, they look like a gel enclosed in plastic with a little metal disc inside. About palm sized. You bend the disc and the gel turns white and gets warm - great for inside mittens or in a pocket if you are out and about. To recharge them you put them in boiling water and they turn clear again ready to go!

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    Hi Blueskyday68

    I have just joined this site and I have Osteoarthritis in my right knee. When particularly painful as well as taking a painkiller like Ibuprofen, I also rub an Ibuprofen Gel into my knee. Sometimes it works better than others.

    Also, I have worn a tubigrip support in the past, but am not sure if you are meant to use it in conjunction with the Ibuprofen Gel?

    Have you tried this?

    Take care.


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    hello - glad to see someone has the courage to take ibuprofen - it's the only thing that works for me but my gp wasn't happy about me taking it. Until his comment I took 2 iburprofen for the pain but like everything else we're afraid to do I'm now afraid even to take pain relief. Never been offered anything officially - am on furosemide and betahistine. Can 2 nurofen really be fatal?

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    I had a consultation with an NHS pain management consultant - she was an anaesthetist by training. She prescribed me Capsaicin cream which I use daily on my knee and shoulders. I also use a tubigrip bandage on my knee and sometimes a sports knee support when walking longer distances. I find these help.

  • Fran54
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    Hi Duffer

    I find that taking Ibuprofen helps when my knee pain is moderate, but when it worsens and my knee sometimes gives way, I take Naproxen 500mg twice a day and this does help even more. My Dr. prescribed this for me, but you have to take Omeprazole with it to help protect the stomach lining. I try to only take them for a couple of days as they can 'bung' you up a bit!🤔

    Take care.

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    I am on Co codamol and in winter also tramadol. I am unable to take NSAIDs although when I am desperate I do use a little cream on my knee. Interesting JamieA, Capsaisin, never heard of it but will certainly try it. Due to pick up meds tomorrow so will discuss with pharmacist. Thanks for the tip.

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    Apologies for hijacking your thread @Blueskyday68 I just need to quickly welcome @Cimca to the Community.

    Cimca it's lovely to meet you and hope you find the Community helpful. I am assuming yo have Osteoarthritis yourself as you are on this thread sharing your experience.

    Here is some information about capsaicin which you might find interesting:

    I very much hope you will decide to stay and look forward to seeing your posts in future.

    Best wishes


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    Hi Ellen

    Thanks for the welcome. Yes osteoarthritis!

    I did speak with the pharmacist this morning however I did not realise it was prescription only. I shall have to try ringing the surgery although it is so difficult to get through. I shall definitely give it a go. Thanks for the information

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    My mother is a person with osteoarthritis. Winter is the most hated and dreadful period of the year for her as it gives her more muscle cramps and increases pain in her knees. Hence, we consulted a massage therapist whose treatment includes a massaging procedure with hot water. This helped her a lot to strengthen the muscles and reduce the pain and strain on the knee. He also gave some tips to overcome the unbearable pain on the knees due to winter. In my opinion, consulting a massage therapist would be the right choice for you!

    [Edit: removed commercial link to company in Canada. Please note our Community Guidelines. Brynmor. Admin]

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    Does anyone know about ultrasound therapy ? my physio looking into for me.

    I have OA in left thumb joint - affecting my life and job currently ! Newly diagnosed.

    any medication suggestions alongside my physio I’m currently receiving would be gratefully appreciated. I struggle to take ibroprofen regularly as gives me stomach upset.


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