Pip change of circumstances

Hi all I am new to this site and wanted some possible advice or direction.

I was on methatroxate for a while and now Jack inhibitor has been added on top which has slowly been making me feel better in the last 2 weeks ( only started the Jack inhibitor 4 weeks ago).

as I am feeling better I am able to do some thing I wasn’t before . Walking doesn’t hurt as much as before for example and I am able to exercise which I could have never before unless on steroids.

i am not sure if this is considered a change of circumstances for pip? As with this condition you could feel good months and then go into the most horrible flare out the blue. And feel bad for time. Do I send a letter to pip ? I have a little child and I am now able to drop her to school and pick her up but I am afraid if considering how bad I was until a month ago this could go back to that and no pip money to be able to get extra support .

can someone advise ? I am so grateful for the new medication and how much it is helping me but at the same time I have the fear of arthritis kicking off ever again unexpectedly!

the cange of circumstances statement is not clear enough as the condition hasn’t changed it’s just that this new med seem to control the badness of it a little. My rheumatologist aims to drop slowly the methatroxate once she feels my inflammation is more under control but she said it’s still early days.

please advise I don’t know what to do