Taking Humira/Adalimumab/Anti TNF abroad? Cold bags?


Hi all,

Im planning to travel on a long haul flight in January and needing to take my injection pens with me.

Does anyone have any recommendations for buying a medicine cool bag which can keep the medicine cool (between 2 and 8c) for up to 24 hours?

And have any general advice for taking/storing the medicine on flights/abroad?

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  • Ellen
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    Hi @Chate a warm welcome to the Online Community.

    I see you are planning a long haul flight and need to take your medication with you. There are definitely extra considerations needed travelling with medications which need to be kept at a specific temperature and injection pens.

    This question doesn't come up very frequently, but it did not so long ago:

    I hope you will have a good trip. While you're hear do have a look around there may be other posts of interest to you.

    Best wishes