Improvement in symptoms following Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine

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First time post here.

I have psoriatic arthritis and had my Covid-19 vaccines in March and May. After each vaccine, I noticed a significant improvement in symptoms and I was able to reduce my Celecoxib dose to zero. My rheumatologist looked at me like I was crazy when I’m told him!

Did anyone else notice the same?

It could have been coincidental that my symptoms calmed down or my utter determination to avoid the DMARDs, that I was due to start taking - but that’s another story 🤦🏻‍♂️.


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    Hi @Caleb1981 and welcome to the online community,

    Well, I’ve never heard or read of anyone whose symptoms of psoriatic arthritis have improved after the Covid jab, as yours seem to have done, but I hope it continues! It will be interesting to read if any other members have experienced anything similar.

    The Versus Arthritis website has got a detailed page on the vaccine that you might be interested to read, although it doesn’t mention your experiences:

    I see that you live with psoriatic arthritis - you’re among friends here, many of whom also have this condition. Do take a look round the forum and join in any conversations where you feel comfortable - you’ll be very welcome. There’s a useful page on psoriatic arthritis which you also might like to read:

    I look forward to hearing more from you,

    Anna (Mod)

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    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for welcoming me and for the links.