best exercises to prepare for knee replacement?


Is there a file somewhere showing which exercises are most beneficial to prepare for a knee replacement?

I want to be in best shape possible by the time my surgery happens.

At the moment I cannot walk very far, leg is locking when over bent /twisted or straightened and I cannot go swimming/pool.


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    Hi @sunnyside2

    I've found some general exercises for knees on the Versus Arthritis website - they are not specifically for pre-op knee replacement, but I suspect done regularly and gently they will help -

    It is very likely that in the run up to your operation the surgeon/consultant will recommend some exercises - perhaps you can contact their secretary and ask for an exercise sheet?

    Very best wishes


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    Thank you. I will have a read though those

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    I've had a look at these and they seem the perfect quads for knees both before and after a TKR. I'd just endorse what Mod ToneBlues said, though. Take them gently. I've always been told little and often is better than one great heave ho. And, if any particular set causes problems, just leave them until you can talk to a physio.

    Two really useful bits of advice I've been given by physios are:

    1. Start small with just three repetitions of each exercise, gradually building up to 10-12.
    2. Just do them every other day. This might not work for everyone but I find enjoy my days off and then come back with determination renewed.
    3. Life sometimes gets in the way of an exercise regime so, if I have to miss a day, or maybe two, I don't try to increase immediately. I just go back to where I was at. If I've had to take a week or so off due to illness, I go right back several stages. It's so much more encouraging to feel I can do more next time than to dread the next time.
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    for anyone else hunting- just found this really useful resource by an NHS hospital gives preop & post op exercises pil202002-01-tkr-total-knee-replacement.pdf (