Arthritis flare up

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I have oestoatheritis n fibromyalgia. I am 54 and had pain for 14 years .My neck wrist s elbows knees n ankles are the worst. I am slowly learning to be kind n go with it but some days is very bad. I have utter exhaustion. I work pt time. I sleep ok I take amitriptyline at night naprozen n paracetamol wear a tens n wrist supports. Glucosamine n vit d .Could you help please with any ideas about exhaustion? Thank you x


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    Pain is exhausting isn't it? I think Fibro can make you tired too if I'm right @Tracie

    When I am flaring and exhausted I tend to make a point of resting properly and set an alarm to make sure I don't end up oversleeping or something like that.

    I also do a daily walk outside for some reason that seems to perk me up rather than make me more tired.

    Sometimes though there really isn't much else for it other than to ride it out and rest. I hope things ease for you soon ((())) xxx

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    Thank you for your comment frogmorton.

    I think your right try n completely rest. I'm trying to get into a routine after working pt come home rest then gentle stretching exercises hope to walk more but absolutely shattered.

    Fibro n pain together is exhausting.

    Good day n bad days.

    Regards tracie

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    Tracie What are you eating and drinking ?