Knees and puppy walking

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walking the new puppy ( a crazy cockapoo) has helped the pain in my hips hugely , but my knees have got a lot worse . Any similar experiences?


  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Pansie welcome to the Online Community.

    Brilliant that you have a new puppy, they are so fantastic to look after. I do understand that the sudden change in exercise routines can make some joints loosen up but also place a new surprising strain in another joint.

    A balance of rest and exercise for knee pain is often a good idea and the selective use of hot/cold pads may help. There are some good tips on our website in the section on managing the symptoms of knee pain.

    There are also a new series of gentle stretching activities for the knee that helps strengthen the joint and help muscles cope with the increased exercise.

    Do have great fun with your new puppy. Pictures are welcome 😀

    Best wishes


  • sunnyside2
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    My advice is walk at the speed you are comfy with- not the mad very fast walk a puppy thinks is needed. They can learn to walk slower and that helps joints as not jolting around quick stepping. Watch really old people with dogs- their dogs all walk slower. Yours can too.

    Our little whippet is a live wire but she has learnt to walk at my speed as it is just too damaging and painful to go at her speed