Do I need a bone density test?

in the last few months I’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip and now my shoulder. I also have pain and swelling in my wrist and knees. Is there a possibility I need a bone density test as I seem to be falling apart all at once?



  • Hi @AnnR

    Many thanks for posting on the forum, I’m sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with OA in your hip and now your shoulder, you are also experiencing pain and swelling in other joints. You go on to say that you seem to be ‘falling apart all at once’ and that feeling can be difficult to manage. Ann, you are very welcome to give us a call on our freephone helpline: 0800 520 0520 (weekdays 9am – 6pm) here we can talk in more detail about what’s going on for you which can sometimes be helpful. 

    You can sometimes experience swelling if you have osteoarthritis as well as pain. If you’re feeling concerned, please have a chat with your GP just to check that what your experiencing is due to your arthritis and not connected to something else.

    A bone density scan would be used to detect Osteoporosis, this is a condition which often has no symptoms, it’s a condition which effects your bones rather than a problem with your joints. 

    I’m giving you the link to our Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis information so you will be able to understand each condition

    I hope this is helpful

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  • AnnR
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    Thankyou Lynda, I’m going to call the team next week. I’ve now had an injection in my shoulder and doing exercises with Leon and going to the local swimming pool. At first the exercises do hurt but eventually things do move better and you can feel a difference. The exercises I get every week are really good and I’m being really good at doing them. It’s well worth joining in and persevering with.