Rheumatology Advice Lines?


Hello! How long are we saying is reasonable to wait for your rheumatology helplines to get back to you? The number for mine is voicemail only which they don’t listen to. What waiting times do you generally experience from calling or emailing yours? I’m fed up 😢


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @RavenHairedPixie

    Forever is how long I wait for mine!!!!

    It's voicemail too. If I am really in trouble I'd ring back the same day or try somewhere else like the pharmacist or even try to get my consultant's appointment brought forwards.

    VERY frustrating.

    Best of luck

  • RavenHairedPixie

    I’ve been waiting a week now for a prescription…. Which I can only get if I drive to the other side of my city and pick up from them directly… but I can’t pick it up till they tell me it’s ready… and obviously they aren’t replying.

    I may give my doctors a try. Thanks

  • frogmorton
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    Gosh @RavenHairedPixie

    If you are waiting for medication I really would ring back today and chase it. Super-nicely of course - this time I am presuming it's not something your GP can prescribe?

    It could easily be that they have missed your call in amongst many others?

    Best of luck with this you must be so frustrated!

  • DorothyParker

    Nobody has ever returned a phone call from the biologics helpline.

  • stickywicket
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    If it's for a prescription, presumably only available from the hospital pharmacy and, again, presumably, because you're on new meds and need more regular blood tests, I'd ring the pharmacy to see if they've packaged your script or, at least, got it. If not, ask if they can help.

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  • JenHB
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    The voicemail on mine says that they will get back to us within 48hrs. The first time I got a phone call back the next day, the next no phone call but got a letter instead with a telephone appointment (had that on Monday and the outcome is a face to face appointment next Monday)

  • CCM
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    I must be lucky. My Helpline has never fails to call me back the sameday, sometimes even within the hour. When I was injecting Methotrexate, the pens were delivered to me by HCH (Health Care at Home), with no involement from Rheumatology once it eaas set up.