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hello, I’m new here. Has anyone had any success with supplements helping with arthritis of cider vinegar?


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    Hi @Jo1283 - welcome to the online community!

    I see you're wondering about supplements for arthritis - particularly cider vinegar.

    Versus Arthritis have asked a doctor this question, we have the answer as well as a few other questions on supplements here:

    They also have a few supplements they do advise for arthritis here:

    I'm sure others will be on with their advice on what works for them! Do have a look around and please feel welcome to ask anything you may be interested in or join in any discussions you find interesting.

    Lovely to meet you!


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    I've taken cider vinegar for a while now. I admit I haven't noticed any difference to my arthritis from it, but it has helped a lot with excess stomach acid. I used to be on lansoprazole every day, but when I take cider vinegar and HCL supplements with my meals I no longer have to take lansoprazole (and if I forget to take them my stomach acid comes back, so I know it's them making the difference). It seems counter-intuitive to take an acid supplement to stop excess stomach acid. I couldn't tell you why it works, but I took the opinion that it wouldn't hurt to try it, and as it did work I'm happy to keep taking it.

    Not quite the answer you were looking for, but it certainly wont hurt you to try it, so if you're curious give it a go, if it helps you then it's a good thing, if not you're probably only a few pounds out of pocket from the experiment.

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    Hi@Jo1283 I have just started taking apple cider vinegar after reading Margaret Hill’s book on the subject. I mix 1 teaspoon of honey ant 2 teaspoons (at the moment) of apple cider vinegar - with ‘the mother’ in a glass of hot water. I am going to have Epsom salt baths too which helps reduce inflammation. Nice to meet some other people who are trying it. I will probably have to stop taking lansoprazole too @Shaphron if it also helps with excess stomach acid

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    I do with a lot of supplements. And it really helps me out.

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    In my experience supplements aren't worth the bother. And one has to be careful that they don't interact adversely with each other or with prescribed meds. I have RA and OA. Careful exercise, a sensible diet and no smoking are the best way to deal with arthritis of any kind in my book. Plus, of course, DMARDS for any form of inflammatory arthritis.

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    I find as soon as the temperature changes. I start aching. Any thoughts on this? I don’t take any medication for my osteoarthritis, but i find my body aches in colder weather. What’s the best supplements does anyone advise?

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    Hi @Joyceee,

    Arthritis of any sort is unpredictable and affects people in different ways, I've severe OA in both knees but am unaffected by changes in temperature whereas many other folks (as you report) are susceptable to changes in the seasons.

    I've done a great deal of experimenting with all sorts of supplements and found that some work, some don't and some make my symptoms worse, it's a case of trial and error.

    Most of the supplements available target inflammation and some such as Boswellia, Capsicum and "tart" Cherry Juice have been proven to work. However, that doesn't mean they'll help with achiness, I think you need something which targets pain such as CBD (available in spray, capsule and gummies forms), or a TENS machine. I use a variety of gels such as FlexiSeq which helps with stiffness and crunching, Duclofenac gel (like Voltorol), Red Tiger Balm and Capsiacin cream. A hot wheat bag I find is good with aching and stiffness too.

    So, a few things to take a look at, hope this is of help.